Monday, March 28, 2011

WebMed Sites

I want to share with you one article I have read on my ShopSmart March issue. It was interesting for me because it made sense and it will help others. 

Because of the rapid change in technology a lot of people will rather click a tab than turn a page. Because of the availability of technology at home a lot of people will rather stay at home and treat their illness (be a doctor or a nurse) than go to a hospital and be treated. I for a one love surfing the net... but not concerning medication or treatments. It is because I only trust those hard bound  and thick medical or nursing books than those anonymous authors at the web. We are not talking about crafts here but health... which is very essential for humankind. I know it is very expensive to see a doctor even if you just had a crack fracture on your finger or be treated only by a splint and spent $$$. But the affirmation from an experienced health professional is worth every penny. I won't be anxious of thinking that I am losing a finger anymore. 

I am not saying all the websites are bogus... some can be trusted too. And that is what I have learned from reading that magazine. Try googling a symptom for an hour or less. Soon you will find out you have a stage IV cancer. The best website for this is the because it has straightforward answers that won't make you panic. I tested it and the answers are just like in books. 

When we learned that someone we knew has just been diagnosed, we assume that maybe it can be serious or just maybe "I have it too". So again we open our tabs. But if you open the first one that your search engine shows you'll end up learning within 30 min that you have the same illness as your friend or relative. Hmmmm. Search engines need to be paid so whoever pays more gets the first spot. It's what you call advertising. What I learned and tried is the site. You can even get a free subscription of a magazine (within US). And it is from the government so it is not bogus. Just click on the Clinical Trial and you can search on diseases and drugs. 

Of course, who doesn't want to pay less for a medication? Searching at pharmacological companies is a big no-no. All of them will tell you they have the best one for you... then they will say,"consult a doctor if symptoms persists"... Your doctor gave you a choice when he handed you the prescription because he prescribed a Generic Name and not any brand for that matter. Here is the best site for that Just click on the Prescription Drugs tab for info about your medications. 

I checked my GP on-line after seeing him and he is legit but still he misdiagnosed me. Sigh! Humans! Anyway, to check up on your doctor (which unfortunately can't tell if they are ordinary humans) check this site Click on the DocFinder Search Tips. But to find a new doctor, check 

I am also a health care professional but I do not condone negligence, malpractice and.... advertising!

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