Sunday, August 2, 2015


One of the best decisions my husband and I made for Lil Terra is to adopt a kitten for her. I named her Bella.

Bella's mother is a stray cat that got adopted by my kind-hearted co-worker. She said she found her outside her backyard and felt sorry for her because she was pregnant. Then came the kittens. And we gave Bella a home and a family. She's almost done on her kitten-series vaccination. Just one more shot left and then she can be considered a wellness kitten. And my there's a lot of privileges to be on a Wellness program. I appreciate the care she gets at Animal Hospital of Denison

Bella and Terra have a love and hate relationship. I will hear a pain-induced meow then a loud cry from a toddler. She either hits her with a toy or steps on her intentionally because she thinks Bella understands the Game. Then she gets a scratch from a feisty playmate. After time-out they resume the usual relationship. It scared me at first when Terra treats Bella like that but friends would tell us same stories of their kids and pets. "Is it normal? Will she be a serial killer?", are some of my fears. 

After 2 months, I look at it as norm inside our household. 

Bella is her constant companion in the house especially when her parents are busy. They watch movies together. And play nonstop. When Terra comes home from her GG they will hug each other like they haven't seen each other for weeks. And yes they give kisses too. 

I guess Bella is my daughter's first bestfriend.