Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Ordinay Months!

Did I scare you? Nah! It is just a big mouthed pumpkin candle that Mr. D. cooked last night. In fact, I have woken up this morning with that thing lighted on top of my night table staring at me while Mr. D laughed at my reaction. He loves to surprise his wife with mischievous stuff. 

I named it Monster Pumpkin. I love the bright orange color because it brings out the strangeness of the design when lighted. Another high quality gel candle added in our shop for the Halloween season. Just cool!

Oh, yes! I have to remind myself all the time that it's the last day of ordinary months. Yahoo!!! BER months finally started. I so love them because they are the seasons of joy, family, friends, gifts, food, and love. Don't forget traveling and shopping too! Many reasons to swipe your husband's cards and write on your check books. No guilt feeling! 

These are the new collection of Mr. D on "Everything Alice" candles. He told me that he just can't stop making some because he has an abundance of designs in store for the Alice fanatics. I don't blame him because these new ones are incredible! I wish  I could take better shots. The first one is called The Garden. This one looks really creepy. Didn't you notice that there seem to be a man standing in there? Just weird because there is none in the candle. It's only Alice inside the candle. The other candle is called The Fool. This is my favorite because it was intricately made. You can see there are some gold glittery stuff and shining inside the tree trunk. And look at Cheshire's eyes. Creepy and cool! 

So much for my husband's cool and creative gel candles. On to my needlecraft! I'm happy to tell everyone that I have already shipped the custom orders of my very first client. She will be receiving two (2) Fairy Alphabet name plaques. She kept on telling me that she loves them after I sent the pictures of the product. It feels good to make someone happy and excited. I enclosed a freebie for her too. It's a Christmas card, a cross stitched one. I hope she likes it. 

This is a new name plaque I made for Made to Orders. It's called Spaceman and Alien alphabet. It's the boys turn now. I found out that the most common name this year for boys is Jacob. So I made one. Coincidentally, my eldest nephew's name is Jacob. I love the designs and colors. So adorable! 

I'll be prepping to stitch two new orders for Fairy Alphabet now. I hope this sweet grandma will love the outcome of them too. 

I hope to see you in my shop.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Fingers!

This week was a blast! I have never been this busy.... never been this fruitful. I am so happy that my fingers can't stop itching. 

I got six (6) custom orders on  cross stitch. Four (4) orders are from one item in my shop, the Fairy Alphabet. While the other two (2) are from another item, mini pillow tag. All orders were fully-paid! Woot! Woot! 

Thanks to my well used time-management and I was able to finish my latest item on time. 

This item is called Cute as a Bug Kid's Journal. It's my last item for the back-to-school season. It can be personalized also by taping a picture of the schooling child. It is pure handmade. I stitched the binding with a wool thread then wrapped the covers with a purple cotton fabric. The cross stitch design was stitched on the fabric. I enjoyed making this because it's really adorable. I love the beads on the bug! This can be used as a journal or a diary by the kiddo. I hope somebody would want to keep it soon. 

Right now, I'm outlining items for boys. I noticed that all my cross stitched items are so girlie. Yay! So now I'm getting ready for new themes. By next week, I'll surprise you with cool, boyish ones. 

I' m going to show  you an order that I have finished for one client. I showed this to her and she love it. I'm glad because it means I don't need to make changes. 

She specifically chose the colors for the fairies' clothes and wings. It was really a challenge for me because I edited the chart. I only have one more name to finish for her. 

Mr. D. is getting busy on the new designs for his newly branded candles. He is so happy because a customer sent two positive feedback on the purchased candles. He said and I quote, " It is gratifying!" 

This would be the last item on his previous theme, Everything Alice. Awhile ago, he was burning a sample candle that he just designed and cooked. Later, I'm sure he would be calling my name to check out the result. I so love my husband! With this, I get to keep my man every night. 

I guessed right! Mr. D wants his wife now. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fruitful Week

I kept on asking myself, "Can I sell?". It was on and on and on. Finally, yesterday I scored big. I can sell. I sold two expensive and recent items at my Etsy shop. Patience paid off. Promotion and marketing are big saviors. I tried a marketing strategy and it worked. 

These are the homemade gel candles that were a hit yesterday. Mr. D couldn't believe it himself because one of the item was only in the market for 8 hours. Then an avid collector bought both straight away. She is such an angel too... no questions asked. For that I am giving away a free gift... something that we know she would love. 

Lesson learned is that you have to know your target. You have to know your customers because you will learn from them and you will be able to sell for sure. It's not about "what you want; what you like; what you prefer". It's about "what they need , want, collect, and love". Focus, focus, focus. 

Another beautiful thing that happened last week was the finished product I made for a little girl who just turned one weeks ago.

Finally, Bella's pillow is ready! Not yet ready to be shipped though because I still have one more project left to finish which is for her big sister. I can finish it this week. 

I used this lovely pillow as a sample for my MADE TO ORDER Personalized Fairy pillows. I posted it on the web and I got a lot of positive feedback. Crossing fingers for an order soon. I would love to see little girls cuddling this cutie. Sigh! If you could only see how Mr. D looks when he asked me if it can be squeezed. Hahaha! I love my husband so much. He is my battered pillow. 

I have a lot of orders lined-up for a consignment. They can be done easily because all I need is my sewing machine. 

Now I have to stay away from my notebook so that I can continue my laundry and ironing. 

Have a nice week days ahead of you!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Juggling Balls

I guess I can consider myself an intermediate now on needlecraft especially on cross stitching. Salute! Such an accomplishment. Been three years now since I taught myself to create a design from a cross stitch chart to a needle artwork. Thank you Lord! 

Now I'm juggling four balls. Whew! First ball is being a homemaker; second ball is pursuing my nursing career; third ball is my new local craft business; and fourth ball is finishing my Christmas gift projects. Being unemployed is not boring after all. Ugh! But I do enjoy every bit of it. To make it more fun and memorable Mr. D tags along.

I have mentioned a project on my June blog, One Down, about a gift I am working on. 

First Snow is coming out regally. I am so proud of my hard work. It will take more time because it's 18ct and the colors are scattered. Difficult to keep it neat and clean. I posted this on Cross Stitch Club on Facebook. Thanks to a great mentor and I am now a part of that club. It was fun and inspiring to read their comments and see their works too. I hope I can finish this before the end of August because I still have a lot of projects listed. Aw! 

Promotion and marketing are trying to pull me down. What with an inexperienced trying hard entrepreneur. I'm still learning the ropes. I think I'm tying it too tight! I need a breather. This month I'll find out if I get to have the booths in FW  and OK. Crossing fingers! If not, I always have a plan B... and C. 

I'm concentrating on "back-to-school" seasonal items. My latest item is a fridge magnet.

I chose this design because the colors are lovely and eye-catching. It is a must for every Moms to know the schedule of their kiddos. What with PTA meetings, soccer games.... and after holidays back-to-school days. Making it as a fridge magnet is useful, fab and personal.

It can be personalized using a picture of your apple-of-the-eye. Look at Mr. D. Isn't he  cute?! This is an old picture of my hubby. Don't ask me how old he was here. You can just use a scotch tape to secure the photo. This way it won't ruin the fabric and the cross stitch work itself. I hope you like it! There's two more back-to-school items I'm outlining right now. Next week one item will be ready. 

Last Wednesday, I launched a Facebook page for my biz. It's called ACG Dobbs Craft Plus. It's linked to my Etsy. Just click the name of my page or Etsy so you can check it out. My Etsy shop, Purple Needle Flies, is ready to welcome new customers and friends. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!