Monday, December 19, 2011

The Time of the Year

I have been listening to Kenny G's Christmas songs since yesterday inside my craft room. I need more than that to feel the joy of this festive season. I miss my families and friends back home.... it hurts me to know that some people around me don't believe on this Christlike season. A pity on them... I'm glad though that Mr. D believes on my stories of Christmas... from childhood to adulthood. It warmed my heart to see the sparkle on his eyes when he is happy because I am happy. We both decided to celebrate Christmas in Church then lunch out. I thank my parents for showing me the spirit of Christmas as I grew up. I still believe in Santa. I know he is now a very, very busy jolly old fellow. 

Oh, yes I was busy too with my handmade presents. I am happy to announce that I am almost done with all the presents. Some of them were already shipped a couple of weeks ago. No answers yet from the recipients and I hope they appreciate the efforts and love my husband and me poured on them. 

These are the Christmas towels I stitched as presents for Mr. D's relatives. I love his family in Illinois and Missouri. They are sweet and thoughtful. I added one baby bib for a newborn cousin. He is the youngest cousin. So adorable too! 

I used this book of Lesley Teare, 101 Weekend Cross Stitch Gifts. The designs are cute and quick to stitch. Just what I needed. 

This is the big project I stitched for Mr. D's maternal grandparents. They are Christians and we both believe that they will love this work hanging on their dining room wall. I hope we are right. This is called "Be Present at our Table" designed by Sandy Orton. On close-up photo, I used some specialty stitches like lazy daisy and French knots. I love stitching specialty stitches because they make your works look better and detailed. Took me 2 weeks to finish this. I enjoyed it! 

I also want to share 2 finished RR pieces I have stitched.

This is an adorable "Snowman" designed by Linda Bird from Treasured Memories book of Craftways. The RR piece is owned by Nikki from South Africa. She likes it. 

Finally, this is the finished "Rose" that I have showed to you before. Designed by Joan Elliott from Floral Minis leaflet. The RR piece goes to Janet from Arizona. She likes it too. 

Right now, I'm working on some Christmas cards... not the usual ones that you see. I know I can finish this before Christmas. The recipients would receive them late but I'm sure they will love it. 

It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Merry Christmas everyone! God loves us and He gave us His only Son. Let's celebrate and be merry!