Monday, February 28, 2011

Lickle Ted

I started it last December but because it was a busy holiday I returned to it on February and finished it on the 18th. Finally!!!  Originally, it was supposed to be a Christmas present but I can not finish it right away (wrong time calculation) so it became a birthday present. I only hope Nel would love him... 

I got the chart for free from DMC newsletter (Philippines). I used 12 skeins of DMC and Ecru Aida 14ct. Framed size is 8x10.

There was a new experience along with this gift. I framed my own cross stitch myself (with a little help from hubby). Travis taught me what to use and how to do it. And I tell you it was so easy! I used "Self-stick" mounting board (specially made for needle crafts) and frame mat (already cut to make a window); you can purchase it on any hobby shops. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. There was instructions so it was like learning a new trick. After placing it on top of the board and pressing it on gently and accurately, I taped the left-over ends (hanging ends). Then I simply placed the frame mat on top of my Lickle Ted. Wallah! Isn't he adorable? Then I wrapped it with a red wrapping tissue. 

I wanted to put it on a glass frame but I just wanted to be cautious also. You can never be sure when you mail a package. I'm sure Nel will be happy to choose her own frame. Now it is on it's way to London to give my old friend a comforting hug from me and Travis. 

It feels good to learn new things and share...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Giving away presents is a big thing for me; cheap or expensive it doesn't matter as long as it reaches the celebrant and be remembered. So I make it a point that I make the right choices on wrappers, cards, boxes, ribbons, stamps, baskets, and "the gift". 

Let it be known that I have no close friends here in our new home. I am surrounded by Travis' friends and families. So the pressure adds on... "it needs to be accepted and liked". Though my husband loves everything I do and create, it is not the same as "the others". On March, we are expecting two babies from Travis' friends. I am so excited for them because I love babies so much so I want to get them something.

I decided to cross stitch bibs. I know they will like it (though the baby won't understand). I got so excited that I bought books for it. Funny thing is I am using an old book right now that I got from Grandma Linda and not my new ones. It's called "The Ultimate Flower Alphabet Book", published on 1994 by Terrece Beesley. I have already started last Monday and here is my progress. 


The bibs are from Charles Craft and I am using the Peonies design chart and DMC threads. I can't wait till it's done and wrapped. Almost there! 

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am a Hobbyist

It was year 2009 that I became restless and bored from my "mall to house and house to mall" lifestyle. I say it was even the most extravagant year of my life living alone in a big city. So I decided to be a hobbyist. I remember preying for a hobby on art shops. Then I decided to start a safe one which is fun and beneficial and that is scrap booking. I enjoyed it and I did well. So I kept on collecting for my stash. Finally, I made this.  Our scrapped wedding photos.

One day when I was looking for a birthday card for my hubby, I found an easy-to-do cross stitch packet with a very cute design. I thought to myself, "What the heck, maybe I can try this one!" Travis fell in love with this small gift I gave him on his birthday. And from then on, I became a cross stitcher and a collector. My new goal is to become a designer and I am working on it now... reading the laws and management. Fingers crossed! 

It became my passion! I may not paint or draw but I sure well can stitch. I know I do well because of my patience, good eye sight, love for art, and passion. And I say this skill is one of the special gift God has given me. In two years I was able to give away a handful of framed and unframed cross stitch designs I stitched. And that is a fulfillment. 

Not only did I develop a skill but I found friends too. And that makes my love for art more inspiring. Knowing that there are lots of others who have the same passion as you and more better than you, makes you want to do more and be better.

To my fellow hobbyist, thank you for sharing your passion, advices, comments, and charts! Happy Stitching everyone!!!  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Though it is not yet officially spring, here in my small town, we are already welcoming it with eagerness and colds and flu. What with all the Marts around you.... teasing!

Travis started his with colds and flu and a clean on his "man cave". It needs power washing and not just vacuum cleaning. He doesn't want me to touch anything inside so I can not help. Good for me. Besides I have eight rooms to clean. Sigh! Good luck to me!

Last week, I already started the master bedroom and front porch. Already hanged the newly sewed curtains and re-potted my house plants. Still I am not yet done cleaning. I can not do chores during weekdays  because I have other stuff to do like study, cook and hobby. 

Just on cleaning I am not yet through. What happens when I start sorting and packing especially clothes? Blimey! 

Everything will come out just fine. The beautiful weather inspires me to keep on going. Enough with the environment around you it says, and look inside you. Does it need cleaning too? Of course it does! I will always be a sinner because I am a human being with lots of imperfections and desires. So just maybe before I get busy on Lenten season, I need to be prepared for my personal cleansing. I may not come out as pure, but at least, I did some cleaning. 

I wish February will stay.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Travis was happy with my simple surprises inside his lunch box. He called me right away! It was already a Merry Valentine's Day for me... to hear him giggle and sniffle. 

I knew he hasn't bought me anything because we were together all weekend. And he already told me about the jewelry he ordered for me which will be here in a couple of weeks. So I resumed my day just like any other day. When he called and told me he will be working late, all my hopes for cuddling in front of the screen were gone... the only romantic thing left to do for V day.  

After 45 min he just barged in my work room and asked me to check on Kaeleth's mess on his couch. I was so upset that I ran inside his man cave and found those "red and hearty" surprises displayed on his couch... I squealed! And all this time he was just by the doorway, enjoying the scene. My husband carried me and told me those magic words that every woman would want and cry for. It didn't end there. As we sat, I read the card and halfway through I was already crying... and so was he. Such love and happiness that I wouldn't want to trade for on any treasure at all. 

Still blissful with no post-valentine blues.... 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making a Heart

"What are you up to now, babe?", Travis asked. "I am making a heart," I answered.

My answer may sound absurd but I meant it... literally. So now I am showing a picture of my ongoing project.

I am making a heart for my Valentine who is of course my husband, Travis. I got the chart from Emma's blog and it was for free. I have been scouting for the best heart and Emma's heart caught my attention. It's called "Emma's Valentine Heart" sponsored by DMC. Not only that, it made me use a DMC memory thread... really cool! I have been longing to try this thread for months and now I got the chance to and as expected it was a fulfillment. I thought it was difficult to use but it never was. Hence, I will be using these threads again. Pretty sure I will be done with this tomorrow. So excited for Travis. 

Time for me to snooze now. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello, Sun!

The first time since winter the red cardinal came back on my front yard. Oh, no! Not one but three of them. I like the first one though because it is brighter red in color... so glorious! I have this impulse to get back in the kitchen and check for spoil bread to give them. As expected, Kaeleth will be tailing me around and will be scaring them away. Later then... 

What with all the chirping and barking? They are celebrating! Mother Sun finally came out bright and happy. She is radiating the power of her sustenance and love. Thanks to you! I will be missing the delightful snow but not the frightening cold and storm. Everything passes around, giving opportunities to others to show off and give us pleasure or misery. That is the way of life! And that is great! Amazing and beautiful. 

Earlier though, I thought my laundry washer is not working, that the pipes froze. But father-in-law said I can use it again. And I am now. Seems like "winter napping" is finally over. Back to regular house chores and activities of daily living. And now awaiting for the last season I am so excited to live by... spring! Is that why the cardinals are back? Calling me to start my flower beds? I still need to make sure first that winter is finally over. For now, regular chores is needed. 

A sunny day to everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Beginnings has always been an excitement to me because I look forward to changes. Though not everyone would agree, changes give me something to go on and do my best. It's like "first day of school", rising up early in the morning and wearing new uniforms and shoes... and facing the day ahead, knowing that new friends will await. Or maybe like "first day of work", giving that wide grin to everyone you meet and knowing deep inside that sooner or later they will realize their mistake on hiring you. And my favorite like "having new clothes or shoes", wearing them with confidence and ease, reminding you that you can definitely get what ever you want.

Those were just examples of "beginnings" that I look forward to. But how about today... Well, today, I am already at the middle of everything that just begun in my life. Though it is not a smooth journey, I do not mind it at all because I do not cry alone anymore. My life-partner has always been there for me since I started my life with him. And that makes my journey more fun and filled with love. Cheers to a marriage in the name of love, fate and God. 
A few days from now, I will be a year older... counting and loving it. All the more to have the need for an on-line journal and the return of writing... though not in my pen but still with my mind and heart. 

Happy Beginnings everyone!!!