Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cross stitch on the Go!

Finally, I got a breather! Time to share an experience. We just came from a week long vacation. It was a road trip so it was kinda tiring for both of us. But we really had fun. Thanks to our TomTom and the trip was convenient... never a wrong turn!... an improvement from Travis. 

Aside from my e-reader and magazines, I packed a DMC travel kit for cross stitching to keep me preoccupied.

The kit has a ring binder and compartments. It made do with my new project which is "Longevity". A 5x7 cross stitch to honor our third year wedding anniversary. The chart came from "A Cross Stitcher's Oriental Odyssey" by Joan Elliott. This will be the first design from her that am stitching.

We both decided on this character or design because it gives an enduring message of long life works and carries the spirit of life's energy on its eternal path. Eternity of Love. 

This is just the first part of the project that I planned. I hope I can finish it next week.

I'm glad the ride was never bumpy because I was able to stitch half of the project. 

I can't wait to show you the finished one. I'm still working on it. Happy Stitching everyone!!!

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