Sunday, May 29, 2011

Framed Memorabilia

Finding a present for the man you love and live for is like treasure hunting. It's a challenge! Desperately, I asked Travis again what he wants for our anniversary. And again he answered, "You." So I gave up! Then an idea came into my mind. I told him about it and he agreed instantly. 

Previously I showed you my latest project. Look at the outcome...

Thanks to Thread Heaven and stitching the metallic threads was a bit comforting... not so heavenly but helpful. I'm glad I found some on-line hobby friends who advised me on using this. 

My wedding anniversary project still has some loose ends so I made a hand-stitched button to make it more interesting and unique. I got the chart from CrossStitcher magazine

I also got some free craft buttons from their previous issue. And because of those cute buttons it gave me this idea. 

It was an easy thing to do. It just took me 4 hours. Oh, yes! I have more ideas coming for this simple button. I am planning to purchase more buttons soon. So excited!!!
Now that all my stitched work are ready, I called Travis to give me a hand on using the shadow box. Together we made this.

He glued the souvenir magnet we got from Arkansas (where we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary) and the magic crystal he got from a shop in Arkansas that sells different kinds of stones, gems and rocks. He was carrying that crystal all throughout our trip and even at work when we got back here. It meant a lot to me that he gave it up for us. 

I simply used pins to mount the cross stitch works. 

We hope it will be remembered... especially by our future kids.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cross stitch on the Go!

Finally, I got a breather! Time to share an experience. We just came from a week long vacation. It was a road trip so it was kinda tiring for both of us. But we really had fun. Thanks to our TomTom and the trip was convenient... never a wrong turn!... an improvement from Travis. 

Aside from my e-reader and magazines, I packed a DMC travel kit for cross stitching to keep me preoccupied.

The kit has a ring binder and compartments. It made do with my new project which is "Longevity". A 5x7 cross stitch to honor our third year wedding anniversary. The chart came from "A Cross Stitcher's Oriental Odyssey" by Joan Elliott. This will be the first design from her that am stitching.

We both decided on this character or design because it gives an enduring message of long life works and carries the spirit of life's energy on its eternal path. Eternity of Love. 

This is just the first part of the project that I planned. I hope I can finish it next week.

I'm glad the ride was never bumpy because I was able to stitch half of the project. 

I can't wait to show you the finished one. I'm still working on it. Happy Stitching everyone!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Sampler

I love weddings so much! Who doesn't? It's like Christmas... there are gatherings and reunions, cards and gifts, food and booze, etc... Definitely a birth of a union. 

What do you think would I prefer giving to the newly weds? A personalized cross stitch of course. I hope the bride will appreciate my work. 

I started "Love Sampler" cross stitch chart last April 24, 2011. 

I got the chart from the book, "The Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer". I have chosen this pattern because it is personalized and elegant. Look at the sampler closely because I deliberately made some changes when I stitched it. It's not that I don't like the original one. I simply wanted to put some personality on it... a lot more from me. Gee! I am not trying to be an expert... just enjoying what I have done. 

I finished it yesterday, May 15, 2011. Took me three weeks... all weekdays... just to finish it on time. And I did it!

On my previous blog dated April 26th, Old and New , I showed the materials I used. This was my first time to stitch on a linen, and it was one of the best learning experience ever. I will be using it again and again. There is really no harm in trying new things. Compare my work from the original. The angels' dresses have no lazy daisies stitched. I didn't stitch them because I wanted the angels to look simple and humble. Just the way they should be. The borders have no lazy daisies stitched too because I don't want it to look so tacky and messy. 

When you look at the big heart closely, there were some changes inside also. I didn't use french knots. I want the center to look elegant and classy. So I attached some Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads. This was my first time to use beads on my work. It was really fulfilling to see your work gracing in front of you. Stitching the Lazy Daisies was also a new accomplishment for me. Aren't they lovely? 

Finally, I framed my work. But this time I didn't use a stick-on mounting board. I read from some books that the paste or adhesive can ruin your fabric. It will leave some residue and coloring. I wanted my work to last so I am not using it anymore. I learned from a mistake. So I mounted it then taped it. Easy. I added some matte to draw more attention. I hope I succeeded. 

Now, it's time for me to finish my packing for a long trip ahead. 

Happy Stitching friends! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flowers Around Me

Because I love tidiness on everything I walk into or touch on, I wanted my home and yard clean and smelling fresh. So every weekend, I clean the house while Travis cleans the yard. Chores are scheduled so that it won't be strenuous for both of us. After all, it's a weekend! Because of spring, we added some yard work for Travis' garden and my porch. But for now, I will be showing you some of the flowers that are blooming in our yard and porch. I am so glad that the storm that just passed didn't ruin them at all.

Wild flowers are everywhere in Texas especially by the highway. The sight of them eases the tension for drivers and gives a smile on the passengers especially me. Weeks ago we passed by Denison Dam to show our house guests from Georgia the beauty of it. Unluckily, because of the strong wind we can not stay long so I was able to take only this photo.

 They are so lovely in purple colors... There were also pink, red... and of course, the pride of Texas, blue bonnets! Sorry I wasn't able to take any photo of them. But they are lovelier than any photos from the magazines. 

At home, we have our own wildflowers too. And they are centuries old!

Our very own honeysuckle. I never thought they will bloom like this. And the smell!!!... such fragrance. Travis is now trying to make some scent out of their juices for candles. I hope he can because I love their smell. 

On our driveway you can see these mermaid's tears flowers. I have no idea why it's named so sad. But they are really pretty too (didn't see any fin!). Too bad we have no neighbors to adore them. 

 I guess you remember when I showed you the first bloom of spring in our yard. And yes, it didn't fail me. Our wild rose bush kept on flourishing. And I really love her delicate pinkish color. Didn't you notice that I am actually surrounded by pink flowers? I guess Grandpa Sherman knew I was coming to live here. Thanks to him. 

I wish I would be able to grow my new potted flowers too. They were carefully selected so that they can attract more butterflies and give more radiance in my small world. 

The tickled pink was the first one that caught my eye because it looks so cute and small but the flowers can be amazing. Of course, who will forget Hibiscus? Not me! I love tropical flowers so much! Grandma chose these red verbena. She said they attract butterflies. They will be on the pots for a few more weeks so that they can adapt my nurturing. 

My flowers are not complete without the snapdragons. Aren't they outstanding? Too bad I can't find other colors. I need to go back to Home Depot to make sure there are more coming. I so love the yellow one. 

To further beautify the old front porch, we got some hanging plants or flowers. Another verbena for the butterflies. And an exotic Impatient flowers too.

Who says you don't need a flower in your work room? What better choice than an orchid. So I got a hardy orchid. A purple one! To vanquish my lapsed of boredom I guess. 

Uh uh! I still need more snapdragons and the Texas yellow rose. Wish me luck! 

You don't need fancy potted flowers to start with. There are a lot of flowers around us  for free that are an exotic beauty to behold (just make sure the cops are not around). 

Sniff the flowers everyone!