Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fairy Alphabet

I didn't realize that my July calendar is as busy as February and May. Come August if our plans run smoothly it will be December in August for me. That's why travel will need to be sacrificed for now. I so love what I am doing at the present. Best part is Travis is such a big help!

Last week, I noticed that a relative of Travis has been appreciating my cross stitch works. She is so sweet and though I haven't met her yet, I know I'll like her. So I decided to make something for her daughters. The youngest one is having her first birthday soon so now is just the right time. 

Letter A is one of my favorite letters in the alphabet. I'm glad that I got to stitch it for the design. Isn't the fairy so cute?

After reading Cross Stitch Fairies by David & Charles, I promised to myself that I am going to stitch all the designs in this book. And I already started! All the designs are precious and enchanting and so quick to stitch. Good for presents for little girls. I got the design for little Bella on this book. It's called Fairy Alphabet. 

Here comes Bella! This is just a small cross stitch work. Per letter the design size is only 3 3/4 x 3 1/2 in. I am not yet done with my project. I have to stitch another design for the eldest sister too. You don't want sibling rivalry when it comes to presents. So when hers is done, I can start finishing off both projects before the birthday. 

I learned to master french knots on this project. Lookie! I am so proud and happy that the worst stitching method I've known is finally a history. I learned some tricks too! Oh yeah, I used a gold needle on this. It was kinda rough on the fingers but when you get used to it, it makes stitching more comfortable because it doesn't slip from your fingers easily. The needle and threads used are all DMC. Aida (antique white) is from Charles Craft

Currently, I picked up my "First Snow" again. 

Happy Stitching everyone! 

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