Sunday, August 2, 2015


One of the best decisions my husband and I made for Lil Terra is to adopt a kitten for her. I named her Bella.

Bella's mother is a stray cat that got adopted by my kind-hearted co-worker. She said she found her outside her backyard and felt sorry for her because she was pregnant. Then came the kittens. And we gave Bella a home and a family. She's almost done on her kitten-series vaccination. Just one more shot left and then she can be considered a wellness kitten. And my there's a lot of privileges to be on a Wellness program. I appreciate the care she gets at Animal Hospital of Denison

Bella and Terra have a love and hate relationship. I will hear a pain-induced meow then a loud cry from a toddler. She either hits her with a toy or steps on her intentionally because she thinks Bella understands the Game. Then she gets a scratch from a feisty playmate. After time-out they resume the usual relationship. It scared me at first when Terra treats Bella like that but friends would tell us same stories of their kids and pets. "Is it normal? Will she be a serial killer?", are some of my fears. 

After 2 months, I look at it as norm inside our household. 

Bella is her constant companion in the house especially when her parents are busy. They watch movies together. And play nonstop. When Terra comes home from her GG they will hug each other like they haven't seen each other for weeks. And yes they give kisses too. 

I guess Bella is my daughter's first bestfriend. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

AlDub Fever!

Back home in the Philippines I grew up loving TV because of my family. Every meal time except breakfast, we watch TV while we eat. And yes the dining room is very noisy. We laugh and scream infront of the TV. We love TV so much that we even enjoy watching commercials. I have been wondering why nobody gets indigestion. But there are lots of instances that food is spitted out because of too much laughter or talking while eating. Less etiquette more happiness in the round table. But during those meal times our parents would monologue on parenting and values....especially about school. Those were happy memories thanks to our parents. I pray that my husband and I can instill more happy memories to Lil Terra.

We do not have cable at home because we rarely watch TV. We either surf the internet or read a book. Besides, with Lil tornado around you do not own the remote control. While checking my FB I came upon Eat Bulaga, the longest running noontime TV show in my home country. I checked their videos and got the virus of the latest TV fever. 

Meet the new hot couple on TV. Alden + Yaya Dub = AlDub. 

Filipinos love to laugh and watch TV. Imagine watching a comedy TV show while you eat. Pure happiness and contentment for my countrymen I have watched their videos multiple times. And no I'm not contagious because I'm in America. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Raising Terra

Hi people! I know it has been awhile. 

Everything is about HER, for HER, by HER, and with HER because I love HER!!! Motherhood. Bloodline. Genetics. Faith. Hope. Love. 

I miss my other babies... my other passion... my projects. All of them are laying on shelves, boxes, and/or drawers. Ideas are written on pads and stored on electronics. My hands are itching to create and restore. 

A big part of my craft room is a playroom so that Little Miss Terra can stay there with me. We both can play and learn together. I think it's more convenient too because I do not trust her being alone especially with Bella (our pretty kitty). 

Raising my daughter changed some part of me. My OCD is half-forgotten. The only time I can clean up is when I don't join her on nap time. Cleaning only works when I clean one room at a time each off-day (which reminds me I'm a full time nurse too). 

Raising my daughter taught me to be more patient. You know you are patient enough when you can control your temper. She will insists on anything and everything and you have to stay firm on your NOs and YESes. My husband and I will play "bad cop, good cop". Oftentimes, he is the bad cop. So she will run to me and I explained to her why Daddy is mad. And when I'm the bad cop, she just could not take it well. It made me feel that I betrayed her. Then after a minute or two she completely  forgot that you scolded her and that she is mad at you. Such innocence and sweetness. 

Raising my daughter is a neverending learning experience. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Miss Terra

It has been ages since I came on-line here. I apologize to my followers in the web. I have been contented on Facebook mobile. I didn't have the time to finish my crafts as well. A pity but I'm not unhappy.

Routines have changed all because of Little Miss Terra, our little angel, my life.

She is 2 months old now. And we are the happiest parents. To whom does she looks like? Her father or me? I guess it's us both. I just couldn't believe that I have conceived a very beautiful and precious baby girl. She is physically perfect. Thank you Lord Jesus. Her cognitive development is also advanced for her age. I think so...well all parents think the same way about their babies. It's your pride and joy because it's your flesh and blood. 

I'll start her milestone journal this weekend. That would be my first project for our little Miss Terra. True....haven't done any crafty or valuable gift for her yet. I've been busy being part of her growth and development. And for me being part of her everyday life is the priority. So let's do this step by step... craft and chitchat. 

I wanted to tell you all about the pregnancy and delivery in detail but I'll just bore you. Let me just tell you this though.... It's all worth it.... the pain. 

I am finally a mother and I'm loving every second of it. 

Cheers to life and cheers to our little Miss Terra.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life and Death

Good news and bad news. 

We embraced the positive news because it is a gift from God. A gift of life. We found out last June. Yes, yes, yes... I'm pregnant! Families and close friends were informed last July. It took awhile for us to announce it in public. 

First trimester was very hard for me. I experienced nausea nth times a day. I tried my best not to vomit and was kinda successful. I slept all the time and I didn't have the chance to clean the house. Thanks to a wonderful husband and he did everything for me. Of course, food was a problem too. I prefer water all the time because coloured drinks makes me nauseous. I hate junk food and fast foods. I have been fed with soups, bread and rice. I know, Baby D is very choosy... and healthy. Worst part is I can't hold needle and threads. All my projects are left unfinished. 

Second trimester made some changes on my lifestyle too. All because of hormones raging and rising I can see changes on my body and skin. Though my extremities are still slim, baby bump is getting bigger and more visible. I need new uniforms for work. I look like someone who swallowed a soccer ball. Ugh! Still, Mr. D thinks I am the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world. Ha! 

22 weeks now and I am doing good. Thank God. Baby D started kicking last week. It was soft but it was amazing. My Obstetrician considers me a high risk patient because of my age and because of the miscarriage I had last February. Right now, everything is perfect and normal. Such glory! 

We mourned the negative news even if it was expected. I am still grieving because I was not there. I can not fly because of my pregnancy. 

Last Thursday, my brother e-mailed me and asked me to call my father ASAP. He said the time has come. I called and talked to my terminally ill father for the last time. It was an hour of crying, forgiving, loving, and reminiscing. I promised him that my brothers and I will continue to love and help each other. And that I will stay strong and brave on making decisions as his eldest child. He taught us to live by the rules and respect. And he taught us to honour and love our spouses and raise our children. He wanted to hear all of these before he left us. Then I realized he was waiting for my caring words to bid him goodbye. I instructed him to do this..... "Papa please close your eyes now and try to think of beautiful things. Think of me, my brothers, Mama.... think of those beautiful times of your life, of our lives together as a family... when we were still babies, toddlers, kids.... and please do not forget that we all love you so much. Please do not fight the pain. It will go away soon. Just follow the light. I love you so much."

He closed his eyes after my call. He slept and never woke up. The man who brought me into this world has left early and ready because he knew he did a damn good job raising his children. We finished college and got our degrees. We have great spouses and a family of our own. He may have been a disciplinarian but it taught us life, success and values. 

I have reached my goals in life because of his beliefs on me. And I won't stop making him proud. I love you so much Papang. We know you are in a much happier place now. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back on the Web

I have been off-line for 2 months now. I have been very busy at home and I have been sick too. Nothing to worry... about my health. But a lot to worry about my time-management issues. A lot of unexpected surprises and blessings were placed on my lap. I can not just say my graces and thank yous... I have to work on it. Hence, I am still a very busy woman. But I'm not regretting it. 

I wanted to tell everyone about one special good news right now but I still need to zip it. I hope you all understand and won't bombard me with guesses or hint, hint. 

The month of May was a busy slumber for me. I guess I got stuck with the spring fever and spring laziness. Oh, yes! I was lazy. In fact, I still have 3 back orders from my shop. I'm very lucky that my clients are very patient and understanding. Of course, I feel so guilty. Lesson learned, I can not stitch 3 projects at a time for clients. As of now, I will only accept one order at a time... especially now that I have added responsibilities.... which brings me to the month of June. I'll tell you more about it on my next post. 

Meet our new member of the family. Arumi. 

She is a Pitbull. Mr. D and I fell in love with her at first sight. Isn't she adorable? 

This is her now... 2 months old. She grows fast. She can reach the door knob now and oh what trouble she gives Mr. D. He calls her a whirlwind. She can destroy almost everything in his room. 

I would love to show you some of the flowers in our yard that kept me away from the world for awhile. 

These are my favourites last spring. Honey suckle. We have an abundance. Thanks to them we got butterflies around us for the whole spring. 

I got new knock-out roses for my front yard. Red ones! And oh, they grew fast. And you can still see the beauty of our pink antique roses. Loveliness! 

Hurray to the beauty of these wildflower. Black-eyed susan. They flocked stunningly on both corners of our lane. An attraction to and fro our house. They are still around! 

These are 2 finished pieces for my charity stitching. It was already received by a stitcher friend in Canada. She will make it into a quilt for a dear friend of hers who is fighting from breast Cancer. The You Are in My Heart is designed by Ursula Michael. I modified the Hope design by changing the original colours to pink. It was designed by Joan Elliott. 

I honestly miss stitching everyday. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lovely Finishes

Within a month I finished a handful of beautiful cross stitch pieces and pillows. I'm a happy duck! 

She is my very first Passione Ricamo piece. She is my Little Mermaid. I did not plan to stitch her this year but when I decided to join a Stitch-along (SAL) with some Filipino stitchers, I picked her. It was a really fun stitch which speed-up the piece. Right now she is at Rensel Studio for framing. My first mermaid piece is a treasure for me. 

Here are some close-up photos of her. She hasn't given a name yet. Maybe when she is all framed up and ready for my wall. I enjoyed beading the piece too. Working on a Jobelan fabric is soothing. 

This small piece was a temptation that won my fingers. It's called Blooming Flower by Ursula Michael. It was on May 2012 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine. I later found out that it is the first of a series of 4 seasonal flowers. Wow! I can't wait for the other 3. I still need to look for a very nice frame for it so that I can set it on my dining table. 

Finally I have finished this piece for Mr. D's best friend. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. Bad, bad me! Him and hubby are full-pledged gamers. I know I have to make one for Mr. D. too. 

After weeks of stitching, these pillows have a new home. My client was very patient on the long wait for these lovely pillows. The cross-stitch pieces were hand-sewed on the chosen fabrics. I did machine sewing to make them into pillows. It was very easy. 

It makes me feel so good and important when clients repeatedly appreciate my needlework. More so when they show family members and friends my work. Oh, yes I have another order coming because of "word by mouth". 

Because of the lovely outcome of this pillow, I added this as a new listing on my Etsy shop. It's called Fairy Saying Pillow. And I already have an order for this. 

Why do I love cross-stitching? Because of these lovely pieces. It makes other people happy and it makes me proud. Pure needlework, pure love. 

Happy weekend everyone!