Monday, March 7, 2011

Injury Time Out

The fourth day of feeling incompetent! Sigh! I want to go back on track on being busy and being fruitful. Now that Travis is back to work, I feel all alone again... 

Our weekend was fun, intimate and productive. I am so thankful of my husband. He was so supportive and helpful. He was helping me on my splint dressing; he was washing and brushing my hair; he was washing the dishes and cleaning the counters; he was cleaning the yard; he was helping me vacuum. Isn't he amazing? My, don't remind me he is perfect because he is not. Nobody is after all! But he is the best and rarest one. Well, this is what marriage is all about... in good health and in bad... taking care of each other! Being partners!  

Now that he is back to work, I have to endure. I can do this! Anyway, I still have three fingers available on my dominant hand. Travis even told me that maybe I can still stitch. I think I can.... Darn! And I am actually a nurse by profession. I should know how to cope. So well, I guess I can go back to my routine... I need to try! I am not a disable person. 

I survived weekend chores. Hmmm.... I can start my weekday on my writing and errands. Then, I can study and stitch. There should be no time out on my passion. Well, I have rested enough I guess. And besides, I really have to finish Fairy already. I have special projects on cue. There are lots of babies coming and a big wedding! How can I start? 

Oh please let my fingers heal! I need them so bad... 

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