Monday, February 28, 2011

Lickle Ted

I started it last December but because it was a busy holiday I returned to it on February and finished it on the 18th. Finally!!!  Originally, it was supposed to be a Christmas present but I can not finish it right away (wrong time calculation) so it became a birthday present. I only hope Nel would love him... 

I got the chart for free from DMC newsletter (Philippines). I used 12 skeins of DMC and Ecru Aida 14ct. Framed size is 8x10.

There was a new experience along with this gift. I framed my own cross stitch myself (with a little help from hubby). Travis taught me what to use and how to do it. And I tell you it was so easy! I used "Self-stick" mounting board (specially made for needle crafts) and frame mat (already cut to make a window); you can purchase it on any hobby shops. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. There was instructions so it was like learning a new trick. After placing it on top of the board and pressing it on gently and accurately, I taped the left-over ends (hanging ends). Then I simply placed the frame mat on top of my Lickle Ted. Wallah! Isn't he adorable? Then I wrapped it with a red wrapping tissue. 

I wanted to put it on a glass frame but I just wanted to be cautious also. You can never be sure when you mail a package. I'm sure Nel will be happy to choose her own frame. Now it is on it's way to London to give my old friend a comforting hug from me and Travis. 

It feels good to learn new things and share...

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