Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward!

Spring is like a new beginning on everything.... not just the environment. It's like everything inside you just woke up as well. First thing I realized is that I need to start prioritizing my activities in life... which goes to saying on developing new goals. I need to expand my learning and hobbies. School perhaps? Or full-time work? Volunteer is not bad either. So many choices that neither won't leave me empty. Exciting! 

I'm spending more time in my kitchen now. 

I call this brownies, Cookies and Cream Chocolate brownies. So easy to bake. Thanks to Betty Crocker. I used the chocolate fudge brownie mix and added some chocolate creme biscuits (crumbled) in the batter. After topping the baked brownie with vanilla frosting, I sprinkled some remaining crumbs. Sweet and yummy. 

Cheers! I finally finished the last order of one client. 

I love the outcome of this saying. It's actually the request of the client. I just added the designs and came out with nice letterings. Now I am ready to sew them into pillows. 

I finished another square of an RR piece. 

Design is called "Temptation" from Joan Elliott's book, Cross Stitch Sentiments and Sayings. Another brilliant design by one of my favourite designer. The theme of this piece is sayings. I hope Louisa will love my square. 

Now, I'm off to finishing another square of an RR piece while watching Agent Mulder and Agent Scully's chemistry come out from my laptop screen. Hate-love relationship works. 

Happy weekdays everyone!