Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Miss Terra

It has been ages since I came on-line here. I apologize to my followers in the web. I have been contented on Facebook mobile. I didn't have the time to finish my crafts as well. A pity but I'm not unhappy.

Routines have changed all because of Little Miss Terra, our little angel, my life.

She is 2 months old now. And we are the happiest parents. To whom does she looks like? Her father or me? I guess it's us both. I just couldn't believe that I have conceived a very beautiful and precious baby girl. She is physically perfect. Thank you Lord Jesus. Her cognitive development is also advanced for her age. I think so...well all parents think the same way about their babies. It's your pride and joy because it's your flesh and blood. 

I'll start her milestone journal this weekend. That would be my first project for our little Miss Terra. True....haven't done any crafty or valuable gift for her yet. I've been busy being part of her growth and development. And for me being part of her everyday life is the priority. So let's do this step by step... craft and chitchat. 

I wanted to tell you all about the pregnancy and delivery in detail but I'll just bore you. Let me just tell you this though.... It's all worth it.... the pain. 

I am finally a mother and I'm loving every second of it. 

Cheers to life and cheers to our little Miss Terra.