Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to Stitch

Now that my fingers are healing fast I can move them well already except the ring finger which is still twisted. It's still splinted but all in all I can already use my dominant hand. Thank you Lord!! I know for a fact that my fingers need range-of-motion exercises and what else can give just that but "stitching". For that I am all ready to pick-up my lone unfinished piece... the "Fairy". 

She is almost done! What better motivation but to stare at her and make her flourish. Her wings will be a big challenge for me because I will be using metallic threads and those threads are really sensitive. I wish I can find a thread conditioner that I heard of from my hobby friends. According to them it will make stitching easier. Nevertheless, nothing can stop me now except of course time. I need to take it slow so that ring finger will heal too. I can finish the right sides in two weeks I think because it's just half-stitches. Uh-oh! I forgot that the flowers will take time too.... Shoot! 

Well, now that I know I can finish her by April, I still have some projects that need to look forward to and decided upon. We are invited on a big wedding on May and an old friend is giving birth on June. So I guess, I need to start with the wedding present. But what project? I have two charts here from DMC that I bought from the Philippines. I better ask Travis to choose on this because it's his cousin's wedding after all. 

I am so back on cross stitching now! 

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