Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Start of My Holiday Season

Life should be celebrated whichever way you want it to be. I want mine with my husband and our families. Birthdays are like Christmas. We can only give... and if we receive something back that's rewarding. Last Sunday was the beginning of Advent and since then I have been happier because I know I am going to make other people happy too especially the people I wanted to celebrate my life with. It is the season of Giving. 

Mr. D started giving away something for me. Last night he gave away his precious TIME. It's not that we are not together often... it's the way he gave it to me. Straight from work and tired, he drove me to town to view the Holiday Lights. He knows I love Christmas lights so much. It was a surprise. I know, I know... I'm a lucky wife. 

Hmmm... I hope even though I'm on my 30s now, my name is still on the list. I have been good Santa. Really I am! 

The joy of celebration involves intense preparation. And I am already stressed out. I still have a lot of stitching work to finish. I even postponed my holiday projects on my Etsy shop. If it involves needle and threads, I'm already happy and contented amidst deadlines. With respect to my clients, I have already shipped all my orders. So nothing to worry on that. 

This is the photo of my on-going project for the Tanners. I'm almost done. Just few more specialty stitches to add then it's ready to be rolled and wrapped. I have been rotating this project with another one. 

This project is for my current Round Robin. It's for Janet from Arizona. Her theme is floral and I chose to stitch a rose designed by Joan Elliott. It's almost done also. Just a few backstitching and french knots left. 

One of my Christmas gifts to myself is a subscription of cross stitch magazines. I started with Just Cross Stitch. Wow! After a few days, they sent me an awesome special issue magazine. 

Isn't it cool? Well, I love it. I only flipped the pages because I don't have reading time for now. And the designs are gorgeous and unique. I can only stitch one ornament for my 1 year old tree. 

I also subscribed for Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine. I still need 4 more subscriptions and Santa knows it, it's in my list. I won't be asking for some designer shoes and bags this time. It would be perfect to start the year with new subscriptions of your favourite hobby. 

Geez, tomorrow is the first day of December. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The fall season is giving me the blues instead of orange and yellows. Insomnia came back to my life so I called my father... It's amazing how a voice from afar can give someone joy and peace. I thank God for all the graces, blessings, and LOVE He has given us during our dark times.

I want to share to you some of the views around my area or lane. Yes, we do have some lovely yellows that you can see by the road. It has been like this for weeks now. 

This one is my favourite spot. This meadow is owned by one of our neighbours. Every morning and afternoon you can see the cows grazing the grass or taking shelter. Such a lovely scene. We are so fortunate that we live in the country. 

I have been busy preparing the house for the holiday feasts... and I'm still not done. Stitching will never be a chore so I'm not complaining about it. 

Chinese Dragon is done. I already mailed it to another stitcher in Arizona. Now, I'm just waiting for 2 other pieces for me to stitch. One should be from Arizona and the other from South Africa. This will give me ample time to finish some Christmas presents. 

Sssshhh! This current project or WIP is a Christmas gift for my husband's maternal grandparents. It's called Be Present At Our Table. Designed by Sandy Orton. I found this from a new book I bought, Faithful Inspirations. The book is a keeper... lucky me! 

Here is my progress. I started this last Sunday, Nov 13. Yeah, I know, I'm a fast stitcher. I'm sure I can finish this week. I'm enjoying this so much because I'm only using 2 blue colours... light and dark. Hmmm.... best compliments my emotions. 

I still have lots to stitch before Thanksgiving because I'm sending them to Illinois. Wish me luck everyone! 

I'm going to bed now... it's already morning here I think. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Fairy and My Dragon

I know it has been a long time since I came on-line. We are still in despair and put everything in God's healing hands. This is the time when our family is asking for a miracle. I can not dwell more on it in my blog because I promised myself not to publish sad stories of my life. All I ask from you dear readers are prayers for my family back in the Philippines. Thank you. God is forgiving. 

Cross stitching is my refuge but I haven't reach my deadlines. It helped me a lot though. I focused my attention back on my Fairy

Finally, I'm done with the wild flowers around her. It was fun stitching with the specialty threads of DMC especially the silk. Thanks to thread heaven. Last night, I started working on her wings. So lovely! I can't wait to show you my progress. 

I remembered telling you about the other RR I joined and this time facilitated. Well, luckily we got another stitcher on board so we can complete 4 squares now on each. It's getting fun.

Above, is the borders for my recent RR. My theme is dragons. I'm getting ready for the water dragon of 2012. Hopefully, I can get this back on January. The pattern for the borders came from Joan Elliott's Crescent Moon Dragon. The book is Bewitching (one of her best books). It just looks perfect for me. The other photo is the progress on my first square. The design is called Chinese Dragon by Lesley Teare from her book, Fantasy Cross Stitch. This book is also worth the keep. Oh, yes, I'm almost done with him. He will be ready for mailing on Monday to another stitcher in Arizona. 

I feel bad for the delay of items being posted on my Etsy shop. Thankfully, Mr. D cooked a new festive candle. 

This new item is called Snowmen. Another gel candle made wonderfully unique and happy. We are accepting orders for customized designs. These snowmen are so adorable! 

I'm all set for a new item which is a unique holiday decoration for any home this season. Stay tuned... 

Have a blessed weekend everyone.