Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Week

I have read a lot of notes or blogs from friends and strangers about Lent. And they inspired me a lot... knowing that the sacrifice of Lent is not just a tradition but a spiritual journey of any individual. And yes it is a challenge! Never a competition or requirement but a voluntary giving of one's time and effort for a rewarding spiritual bliss. Some would say they would cry happily while others would stress peaceful bliss. Ironic yes but one same "walk with Jesus Christ".  Enlightening! 

My first week of Lent was a challenge. I found it hard to make my calendar of sacrifices and abstinence. Sorry but I cheated on some days like adjusting the days for convenience. I know... not a good one. Such a sinner, such frailty! Not proud of it. To avoid cheating, I printed 3 weeks of it so that no more changes can be made. My conscience will taunt me if I will even try. So I hope there will be no more excuses for me. Jesus didn't cheat and make any excuses on His Death for us all. He did it with the fullness of love, willingness, and humility. 

It was not just the beginning of Lent last week but also the Cry of Japan. Travis and I have always longed to visit this once-prosperous  and proud country. Now it stays as a dream... What happened? What is happening? No one can answer because no one can predict nature's rage or joy. Let this be an eye-opener for us all... that our lives are not on the palms of our hands. From dust you came so from dust you become. 

So live, love, laugh, and cry...

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