Friday, April 20, 2012

Lovely Finishes

Within a month I finished a handful of beautiful cross stitch pieces and pillows. I'm a happy duck! 

She is my very first Passione Ricamo piece. She is my Little Mermaid. I did not plan to stitch her this year but when I decided to join a Stitch-along (SAL) with some Filipino stitchers, I picked her. It was a really fun stitch which speed-up the piece. Right now she is at Rensel Studio for framing. My first mermaid piece is a treasure for me. 

Here are some close-up photos of her. She hasn't given a name yet. Maybe when she is all framed up and ready for my wall. I enjoyed beading the piece too. Working on a Jobelan fabric is soothing. 

This small piece was a temptation that won my fingers. It's called Blooming Flower by Ursula Michael. It was on May 2012 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine. I later found out that it is the first of a series of 4 seasonal flowers. Wow! I can't wait for the other 3. I still need to look for a very nice frame for it so that I can set it on my dining table. 

Finally I have finished this piece for Mr. D's best friend. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. Bad, bad me! Him and hubby are full-pledged gamers. I know I have to make one for Mr. D. too. 

After weeks of stitching, these pillows have a new home. My client was very patient on the long wait for these lovely pillows. The cross-stitch pieces were hand-sewed on the chosen fabrics. I did machine sewing to make them into pillows. It was very easy. 

It makes me feel so good and important when clients repeatedly appreciate my needlework. More so when they show family members and friends my work. Oh, yes I have another order coming because of "word by mouth". 

Because of the lovely outcome of this pillow, I added this as a new listing on my Etsy shop. It's called Fairy Saying Pillow. And I already have an order for this. 

Why do I love cross-stitching? Because of these lovely pieces. It makes other people happy and it makes me proud. Pure needlework, pure love. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Blooms

I am enjoying the beautiful weather outside on my front porch. Reading e-mails and paying bills. The touch of the wind on my skin is so refreshing. I wish it stays this way. Surrounded by our big trees and old shrubs, the smell of the newly mowed grass is so uplifting. Indulgence! 

She is the first one to bloom in my yard. In a couple of days this rose shrub will be flooded with bright pinks. I was expecting an old rose but it's still asleep. 

Our mermaid tears are also blooming gracefully by the driveway. 

Last week, we went flower shopping. It was so much fun. We are still looking for more flowers so we are going back to the nursery or Lowe's next week. For now, we are still busy potting them. 

We got new ones for this year. Bought them from Home Depot, Lowe's, and WalMart. 

This bright purples is called, "African Daisy". Stunning! 

This matrix red lily is called, "Asiatic Lily". I wonder where in Asia. So dainty! Her bloom lasted for 3 days. Cool!

Because of the success of my pink Hibiscus last year, I bought another one and this time it's colored orange. I fell in love with it too. My old hibiscus survived the winter because I kept it inside the house. Now it's back outside.... growing new leaves and hopefully soon buds. 

On the other end of my front porch stands some new peonies. They were lovely last year too. 

Mr. D planted a variety of flowers near my craft room window so that I can see them. I got electric blue sage, lavender, verbena, and celosia. I told him they look crowded but he insisted it's fine. I hope I'm wrong. 

After all the flowers are potted and settled, we are going to work on our vegetable garden. Hopefully, my herb seed bed will be successful this year. 

Enjoy the sun everyone!