Monday, March 28, 2011

WebMed Sites

I want to share with you one article I have read on my ShopSmart March issue. It was interesting for me because it made sense and it will help others. 

Because of the rapid change in technology a lot of people will rather click a tab than turn a page. Because of the availability of technology at home a lot of people will rather stay at home and treat their illness (be a doctor or a nurse) than go to a hospital and be treated. I for a one love surfing the net... but not concerning medication or treatments. It is because I only trust those hard bound  and thick medical or nursing books than those anonymous authors at the web. We are not talking about crafts here but health... which is very essential for humankind. I know it is very expensive to see a doctor even if you just had a crack fracture on your finger or be treated only by a splint and spent $$$. But the affirmation from an experienced health professional is worth every penny. I won't be anxious of thinking that I am losing a finger anymore. 

I am not saying all the websites are bogus... some can be trusted too. And that is what I have learned from reading that magazine. Try googling a symptom for an hour or less. Soon you will find out you have a stage IV cancer. The best website for this is the because it has straightforward answers that won't make you panic. I tested it and the answers are just like in books. 

When we learned that someone we knew has just been diagnosed, we assume that maybe it can be serious or just maybe "I have it too". So again we open our tabs. But if you open the first one that your search engine shows you'll end up learning within 30 min that you have the same illness as your friend or relative. Hmmmm. Search engines need to be paid so whoever pays more gets the first spot. It's what you call advertising. What I learned and tried is the site. You can even get a free subscription of a magazine (within US). And it is from the government so it is not bogus. Just click on the Clinical Trial and you can search on diseases and drugs. 

Of course, who doesn't want to pay less for a medication? Searching at pharmacological companies is a big no-no. All of them will tell you they have the best one for you... then they will say,"consult a doctor if symptoms persists"... Your doctor gave you a choice when he handed you the prescription because he prescribed a Generic Name and not any brand for that matter. Here is the best site for that Just click on the Prescription Drugs tab for info about your medications. 

I checked my GP on-line after seeing him and he is legit but still he misdiagnosed me. Sigh! Humans! Anyway, to check up on your doctor (which unfortunately can't tell if they are ordinary humans) check this site Click on the DocFinder Search Tips. But to find a new doctor, check 

I am also a health care professional but I do not condone negligence, malpractice and.... advertising!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nature's Spring

Finally it already started... the last season I haven't yet experienced here in America. Spring!!! New experiences to learn; new people to meet; new challenges to face; and new places to cherish. Travis and I will be very busy come April until May. Now I am trying to jot down plans and budget. Whew! 

On those last few days of February I already got a glimpse of spring (so I thought). I found the first flower that sprang from our front yard. 

It's called Dandelion. I wonder if it is really a "weed" and not a flower because everyone at home told me so. Too bad! Because now we have lots of purple ones. The next day, another one sprang right beside it. It was like they were twins... but how fast they grew. Well, of course it should be because we are already swarming with a variety of birds. The only familiar name I remember is a cardinal... because they are so beautiful and passionate.

Travis told me the other day that he saw them feeding each other (male and female)... isn't it sweet? I'll get my chances to watch them too. We can see them from our kitchen window. It makes us do our cooking with ease and harmony. We then installed a new bird feeder a few feet away from the window so that they will keep coming. And we were right! We got swarmed!

One day, I saw six of them feeding and there was one balancing on top of it. So cute! Every morning their chirping wake me up and I don't need an alarm clock (except Travis). And every afternoon their singing give me an ethereal peace of mind. We are so blessed to have our own place in the country. 

Last weekend, Travis called me and asked me to follow him because he wants me to meet somebody. Then I gasped when I saw him (or her).

Yeah, it's a snap turtle and first thing Travis asked me "not to do" is  not to touch it's head because it can bite me or snap. Ouch! Not my finger again please. I named it Lost. It is because Tim found him wondering in our yard but partially hidden. We agreed that probably it came from our pond in the woods. Well, it had a long journey then. I decided to keep Lost so Travis made it an improvised habitat. We fed it with shredded cabbage and carrots... but it doesn't eat. It tried to escape more than once. So we decided to free Lost. I guess it got depressed because of the oppression it felt in it's cage. So wild and so free.

During the illuminating night brought about by Supermoon, my husband invited me for a stroll; and yes, it was one of those romantic nights with him. He said he wants to show me something. We drove around our hilly roads and when we stopped he asked me to follow him. 

They are called Indian paintbrush. This is Travis' favorite wild flower. I can't believe he remembered the spot where he found them (by the road). He told me that a few weeks from now there will be an abundance of these around us. And we are both so excited.

I guess I am just one of those wives who are lucky enough to live in the country and who is happy and contented of it. 

Go out and enjoy mother nature everyone! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to Stitch

Now that my fingers are healing fast I can move them well already except the ring finger which is still twisted. It's still splinted but all in all I can already use my dominant hand. Thank you Lord!! I know for a fact that my fingers need range-of-motion exercises and what else can give just that but "stitching". For that I am all ready to pick-up my lone unfinished piece... the "Fairy". 

She is almost done! What better motivation but to stare at her and make her flourish. Her wings will be a big challenge for me because I will be using metallic threads and those threads are really sensitive. I wish I can find a thread conditioner that I heard of from my hobby friends. According to them it will make stitching easier. Nevertheless, nothing can stop me now except of course time. I need to take it slow so that ring finger will heal too. I can finish the right sides in two weeks I think because it's just half-stitches. Uh-oh! I forgot that the flowers will take time too.... Shoot! 

Well, now that I know I can finish her by April, I still have some projects that need to look forward to and decided upon. We are invited on a big wedding on May and an old friend is giving birth on June. So I guess, I need to start with the wedding present. But what project? I have two charts here from DMC that I bought from the Philippines. I better ask Travis to choose on this because it's his cousin's wedding after all. 

I am so back on cross stitching now! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Week

I have read a lot of notes or blogs from friends and strangers about Lent. And they inspired me a lot... knowing that the sacrifice of Lent is not just a tradition but a spiritual journey of any individual. And yes it is a challenge! Never a competition or requirement but a voluntary giving of one's time and effort for a rewarding spiritual bliss. Some would say they would cry happily while others would stress peaceful bliss. Ironic yes but one same "walk with Jesus Christ".  Enlightening! 

My first week of Lent was a challenge. I found it hard to make my calendar of sacrifices and abstinence. Sorry but I cheated on some days like adjusting the days for convenience. I know... not a good one. Such a sinner, such frailty! Not proud of it. To avoid cheating, I printed 3 weeks of it so that no more changes can be made. My conscience will taunt me if I will even try. So I hope there will be no more excuses for me. Jesus didn't cheat and make any excuses on His Death for us all. He did it with the fullness of love, willingness, and humility. 

It was not just the beginning of Lent last week but also the Cry of Japan. Travis and I have always longed to visit this once-prosperous  and proud country. Now it stays as a dream... What happened? What is happening? No one can answer because no one can predict nature's rage or joy. Let this be an eye-opener for us all... that our lives are not on the palms of our hands. From dust you came so from dust you become. 

So live, love, laugh, and cry...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 40 Days

Inside the Church, I noticed that our Parish Priest lectured us about the Readings which are mainly about fasting... like it is not by appearance but it should be within us. It was kinda literal though. It is not that I am against Fr. Mocio. In fact, I love listening to his homilies. But, today is a very special day. Is it because almost everyone seem to be eager to "get on with it and just mark us with that ash"? Or is it because the Ash is the focal point here and not the meaning of it? I hope neither. 

I am not a saint and in fact, I was a lapsed Catholic 4 years ago. For me, the Ash is the symbol or the mark of the Acceptance (of the start) of our Penance or Repentance. We are all sinners. And the season for cleansing is already here and we need to embrace it by making some sacrifices or abstinence.

Isn't it amazing that it is almost Spring? The season of new beginnings and growth. Spring cleaning is not only in our yards, houses, or offices. It is also the cleansing of our souls... the regrowth or maintenance of our faith. 

I have read a nice blog that gave me an inspiration and motivation to make my 40 days my new religious tradition, my new Christian journey with Jesus Christ and others. Have you decided what you'll sacrifice for this time leading to Easter (40 days)? Because of Kathleen See's blog I was able to come up with a Lent calendar. It will be my pledge, my guide for the sacrifices that I can offer for Jesus Christ and others. I hope I can inspire you to do the same. 

Let us start making our own Easter Tradition!  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Injury Time Out

The fourth day of feeling incompetent! Sigh! I want to go back on track on being busy and being fruitful. Now that Travis is back to work, I feel all alone again... 

Our weekend was fun, intimate and productive. I am so thankful of my husband. He was so supportive and helpful. He was helping me on my splint dressing; he was washing and brushing my hair; he was washing the dishes and cleaning the counters; he was cleaning the yard; he was helping me vacuum. Isn't he amazing? My, don't remind me he is perfect because he is not. Nobody is after all! But he is the best and rarest one. Well, this is what marriage is all about... in good health and in bad... taking care of each other! Being partners!  

Now that he is back to work, I have to endure. I can do this! Anyway, I still have three fingers available on my dominant hand. Travis even told me that maybe I can still stitch. I think I can.... Darn! And I am actually a nurse by profession. I should know how to cope. So well, I guess I can go back to my routine... I need to try! I am not a disable person. 

I survived weekend chores. Hmmm.... I can start my weekday on my writing and errands. Then, I can study and stitch. There should be no time out on my passion. Well, I have rested enough I guess. And besides, I really have to finish Fairy already. I have special projects on cue. There are lots of babies coming and a big wedding! How can I start? 

Oh please let my fingers heal! I need them so bad... 

Friday, March 4, 2011

From Doilies

... to table runner! Isn't it sweet? 

I used antique doilies from Grandma Linda's stash. She got them from her grandma and mom. I got the idea from a twit and a blog. Here is the link of doily table runner

I hope you can create some for yours too. It is so easy and quick. I made mine in only 30 min. I sew  fast! After I picked and sorted out the doilies I need, I lay them out on the table. I secured them with safety pins and then sew them loosely so that I can still detach them after I use them. You never know when these doilies can be useful again and besides they are heirlooms. After sewing, I ironed them gently so as to stretch them to their fullest. Quick and simple! Thanks to Ashley Ann!

It is fun to create new things especially from boxes of stash. Have a nice weekend everyone!