Friday, March 4, 2011

From Doilies

... to table runner! Isn't it sweet? 

I used antique doilies from Grandma Linda's stash. She got them from her grandma and mom. I got the idea from a twit and a blog. Here is the link of doily table runner

I hope you can create some for yours too. It is so easy and quick. I made mine in only 30 min. I sew  fast! After I picked and sorted out the doilies I need, I lay them out on the table. I secured them with safety pins and then sew them loosely so that I can still detach them after I use them. You never know when these doilies can be useful again and besides they are heirlooms. After sewing, I ironed them gently so as to stretch them to their fullest. Quick and simple! Thanks to Ashley Ann!

It is fun to create new things especially from boxes of stash. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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