Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to my Fairy

I'm enjoying my late lunch of reheated baked pork ribs. It's a routine during weekdays - eating alone on lunches or brunches because Mr. D is not home. Might as well enjoy good, instant food. 

Days passed by so fast and the holiday season is in the air. My family in Seychelles are busy with their retail business so Mom kept on traveling in Asia for goods. While I'm busy at home staring and wondering when my "clean-up Fairy godmother" would show up. Sigh! There's a lot to clean and I have to if I want to beat the cold weather who is coming soon. And I still don't have a theme for Christmas. Think, think, think. 

I know talking about domestic lifestyle really sucks sometimes. I kept on reminding that to my husband. Might as well direct you back to my favorite thing in the world. Cross stitching. 

I guess it has been a long time since I touched her. She's my Fairy. I want to give her a name. Maybe I'll name her when I'm done. She inspires me a lot. Because of her I met a lot of cross stitchers worldwide. And some of them are good friends now. So I'm keeping her to remind me of this passion I'm not ready to give up. Thanks to the posts of other stitchers in Facebook and it inspired me to finish her once and for all. I can always make a rotation between her, my items and my RR. 
So what's new with my Etsy shop? 

These are my Red Cheer ornaments. I'm so getting ready for Christmas. I have inserted a lot of Lavender scents inside so it smells so good. I love the red feisty color of the fabric and ribbons. Of course the cross stitch works were stitched well. My favorite is Santa. 
This week, I'm going to start ahead of my RR. It will be my first square. Today, I'll create new items for my shop. 
Happy Weekdays everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just chilling....

"It's a Wonderful Life", my new journal peeked. It helps a lot! It gives joy in my heart and smile on my face. 

Just like this butterfly. There are three of them playing and eating around my golden lantanas. I have been reading and lazing around the whole day inside my craft room. And these beautiful fairies are beckoning me to take their photos and enjoy the sun. While writing this blog, I can still see them outside my window. Are they telling me that it's never enough? That life needs to be fed constantly.... with sweetness, patience and love.

Understandably, we are no machines. We just don't need oil for maintenance. We need to rest and play too! And I'm doing just that. I have this weakness of pushing so hard to finish a goal.... even without sleep or water. Now, I'm learning from mistakes. Take a break or you won't reach your goal. 

Last week, I was able to post new items in my Etsy shop. 

It's called Christmas Flower. A tea light holder for Christmas season.  It will be an attractive piece on a buffet table, a dining table, or even a coffee table. It was my first time to stitch on an Aida band. And it was a rewarding experience which means I'm doing it again and again. 

In line with my shop, I was able to finish another Fairy ABC order.

Everybody just loves Bella! I'll be working on another order for the same client. She is just so sweet! 

Didn't I mention that I joined a Worldwide Round Robin? Well, I did! I'm ecstatic about it! 

This is my 100x100 fabric. All done and ready for my first square. Thanks to a new-found friend and I got invited to join. It will be my first. My theme is "Spirit of Christmas". I used a single heart and stitched it in the middle because for me the spirit of Christmas starts from one's heart. The borders that I used are from Sue Cook's Christmas Cross Stitch Collection. I'm going to use another chart from that book for my first square. Yesterday, I met my group members. They are all so sweet, helpful and excited. They are from South Africa, Canada, and Michigan. Cool! 

See...  isn't Life so wonderful? I guess I'm not alone on this. Smile everyone. There's always a butterfly outside your windows or on your shoulders.

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Time Please

I'm busy. I'm tired. But I'm happy.

The past couple of weeks were tremendously tiring. I thought I could keep up. But I'm not a superwoman. Sigh! I couldn't even keep up with my e-mails and errands... especially house chores. So lucky my superman is around. At least, he exists. Uh, uh, uh! Hard times are not over yet. Still trying my best to keep up with my books. A pity all my subscribed magazines are still sealed and stacked. Another sigh! Don't ask about my kindle, it's begging for more books. More sigh!  

The only relaxing time I can get is checking my Facebook and Etsy. Then I am back to stitching or reading. Well, I asked for this. I was so bored last year and I was complaining; now I'm floored with deadlines, I'm still complaining. So human! 

Thankfully, Mr. D makes sure I eat and sleep well... though not on-time. He makes effort to bring me to the park or downtown. 

No more complaining. Life has been so good to me. I am so blessed. Though I'm not yet working, I'm earning money at home. And I'm still fit. :) 

On the brighter side, I received two positive feedback from recent clients. They got their needlework items and they are so happy. Cheers!!! And the shipment was on time.

This is one of the finished needlework item my client received and love. She promised to frame all three items she got from me and now I'm so excited for the photos. This is a rewarding feeling. I might cry when I see the photos because I know they will be owned by nice people and cherished by beautiful babies. Another heirloom made! 

This was done weeks ago for another beautiful baby. I'm still working on another one of this for her big sister. Then two more items for both of them and another kind-hearted grandmother will be happy.    I guess you understand now why I am so keen on my works. I just want to make everyone happy and be part of it. 

To keep me sane, I joined a group of cross stitchers on Facebook. Those ladies are amazing. Some of them are good friends of mine now. 

I have to go back to my craft desk so that I can finish the borders on a 100x100 fabric for my Round Robin. I'm happily busy! :)