Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 40 Days

Inside the Church, I noticed that our Parish Priest lectured us about the Readings which are mainly about fasting... like it is not by appearance but it should be within us. It was kinda literal though. It is not that I am against Fr. Mocio. In fact, I love listening to his homilies. But, today is a very special day. Is it because almost everyone seem to be eager to "get on with it and just mark us with that ash"? Or is it because the Ash is the focal point here and not the meaning of it? I hope neither. 

I am not a saint and in fact, I was a lapsed Catholic 4 years ago. For me, the Ash is the symbol or the mark of the Acceptance (of the start) of our Penance or Repentance. We are all sinners. And the season for cleansing is already here and we need to embrace it by making some sacrifices or abstinence.

Isn't it amazing that it is almost Spring? The season of new beginnings and growth. Spring cleaning is not only in our yards, houses, or offices. It is also the cleansing of our souls... the regrowth or maintenance of our faith. 

I have read a nice blog that gave me an inspiration and motivation to make my 40 days my new religious tradition, my new Christian journey with Jesus Christ and others. Have you decided what you'll sacrifice for this time leading to Easter (40 days)? Because of Kathleen See's blog I was able to come up with a Lent calendar. It will be my pledge, my guide for the sacrifices that I can offer for Jesus Christ and others. I hope I can inspire you to do the same. 

Let us start making our own Easter Tradition!  

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