Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nature's Spring

Finally it already started... the last season I haven't yet experienced here in America. Spring!!! New experiences to learn; new people to meet; new challenges to face; and new places to cherish. Travis and I will be very busy come April until May. Now I am trying to jot down plans and budget. Whew! 

On those last few days of February I already got a glimpse of spring (so I thought). I found the first flower that sprang from our front yard. 

It's called Dandelion. I wonder if it is really a "weed" and not a flower because everyone at home told me so. Too bad! Because now we have lots of purple ones. The next day, another one sprang right beside it. It was like they were twins... but how fast they grew. Well, of course it should be because we are already swarming with a variety of birds. The only familiar name I remember is a cardinal... because they are so beautiful and passionate.

Travis told me the other day that he saw them feeding each other (male and female)... isn't it sweet? I'll get my chances to watch them too. We can see them from our kitchen window. It makes us do our cooking with ease and harmony. We then installed a new bird feeder a few feet away from the window so that they will keep coming. And we were right! We got swarmed!

One day, I saw six of them feeding and there was one balancing on top of it. So cute! Every morning their chirping wake me up and I don't need an alarm clock (except Travis). And every afternoon their singing give me an ethereal peace of mind. We are so blessed to have our own place in the country. 

Last weekend, Travis called me and asked me to follow him because he wants me to meet somebody. Then I gasped when I saw him (or her).

Yeah, it's a snap turtle and first thing Travis asked me "not to do" is  not to touch it's head because it can bite me or snap. Ouch! Not my finger again please. I named it Lost. It is because Tim found him wondering in our yard but partially hidden. We agreed that probably it came from our pond in the woods. Well, it had a long journey then. I decided to keep Lost so Travis made it an improvised habitat. We fed it with shredded cabbage and carrots... but it doesn't eat. It tried to escape more than once. So we decided to free Lost. I guess it got depressed because of the oppression it felt in it's cage. So wild and so free.

During the illuminating night brought about by Supermoon, my husband invited me for a stroll; and yes, it was one of those romantic nights with him. He said he wants to show me something. We drove around our hilly roads and when we stopped he asked me to follow him. 

They are called Indian paintbrush. This is Travis' favorite wild flower. I can't believe he remembered the spot where he found them (by the road). He told me that a few weeks from now there will be an abundance of these around us. And we are both so excited.

I guess I am just one of those wives who are lucky enough to live in the country and who is happy and contented of it. 

Go out and enjoy mother nature everyone! 

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