Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello, Sun!

The first time since winter the red cardinal came back on my front yard. Oh, no! Not one but three of them. I like the first one though because it is brighter red in color... so glorious! I have this impulse to get back in the kitchen and check for spoil bread to give them. As expected, Kaeleth will be tailing me around and will be scaring them away. Later then... 

What with all the chirping and barking? They are celebrating! Mother Sun finally came out bright and happy. She is radiating the power of her sustenance and love. Thanks to you! I will be missing the delightful snow but not the frightening cold and storm. Everything passes around, giving opportunities to others to show off and give us pleasure or misery. That is the way of life! And that is great! Amazing and beautiful. 

Earlier though, I thought my laundry washer is not working, that the pipes froze. But father-in-law said I can use it again. And I am now. Seems like "winter napping" is finally over. Back to regular house chores and activities of daily living. And now awaiting for the last season I am so excited to live by... spring! Is that why the cardinals are back? Calling me to start my flower beds? I still need to make sure first that winter is finally over. For now, regular chores is needed. 

A sunny day to everyone!

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