Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Though it is not yet officially spring, here in my small town, we are already welcoming it with eagerness and colds and flu. What with all the Marts around you.... teasing!

Travis started his with colds and flu and a clean on his "man cave". It needs power washing and not just vacuum cleaning. He doesn't want me to touch anything inside so I can not help. Good for me. Besides I have eight rooms to clean. Sigh! Good luck to me!

Last week, I already started the master bedroom and front porch. Already hanged the newly sewed curtains and re-potted my house plants. Still I am not yet done cleaning. I can not do chores during weekdays  because I have other stuff to do like study, cook and hobby. 

Just on cleaning I am not yet through. What happens when I start sorting and packing especially clothes? Blimey! 

Everything will come out just fine. The beautiful weather inspires me to keep on going. Enough with the environment around you it says, and look inside you. Does it need cleaning too? Of course it does! I will always be a sinner because I am a human being with lots of imperfections and desires. So just maybe before I get busy on Lenten season, I need to be prepared for my personal cleansing. I may not come out as pure, but at least, I did some cleaning. 

I wish February will stay.

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