Thursday, February 24, 2011


Giving away presents is a big thing for me; cheap or expensive it doesn't matter as long as it reaches the celebrant and be remembered. So I make it a point that I make the right choices on wrappers, cards, boxes, ribbons, stamps, baskets, and "the gift". 

Let it be known that I have no close friends here in our new home. I am surrounded by Travis' friends and families. So the pressure adds on... "it needs to be accepted and liked". Though my husband loves everything I do and create, it is not the same as "the others". On March, we are expecting two babies from Travis' friends. I am so excited for them because I love babies so much so I want to get them something.

I decided to cross stitch bibs. I know they will like it (though the baby won't understand). I got so excited that I bought books for it. Funny thing is I am using an old book right now that I got from Grandma Linda and not my new ones. It's called "The Ultimate Flower Alphabet Book", published on 1994 by Terrece Beesley. I have already started last Monday and here is my progress. 


The bibs are from Charles Craft and I am using the Peonies design chart and DMC threads. I can't wait till it's done and wrapped. Almost there! 

Happy weekend everyone!

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