Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Beginnings has always been an excitement to me because I look forward to changes. Though not everyone would agree, changes give me something to go on and do my best. It's like "first day of school", rising up early in the morning and wearing new uniforms and shoes... and facing the day ahead, knowing that new friends will await. Or maybe like "first day of work", giving that wide grin to everyone you meet and knowing deep inside that sooner or later they will realize their mistake on hiring you. And my favorite like "having new clothes or shoes", wearing them with confidence and ease, reminding you that you can definitely get what ever you want.

Those were just examples of "beginnings" that I look forward to. But how about today... Well, today, I am already at the middle of everything that just begun in my life. Though it is not a smooth journey, I do not mind it at all because I do not cry alone anymore. My life-partner has always been there for me since I started my life with him. And that makes my journey more fun and filled with love. Cheers to a marriage in the name of love, fate and God. 
A few days from now, I will be a year older... counting and loving it. All the more to have the need for an on-line journal and the return of writing... though not in my pen but still with my mind and heart. 

Happy Beginnings everyone!!!

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