Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am a Hobbyist

It was year 2009 that I became restless and bored from my "mall to house and house to mall" lifestyle. I say it was even the most extravagant year of my life living alone in a big city. So I decided to be a hobbyist. I remember preying for a hobby on art shops. Then I decided to start a safe one which is fun and beneficial and that is scrap booking. I enjoyed it and I did well. So I kept on collecting for my stash. Finally, I made this.  Our scrapped wedding photos.

One day when I was looking for a birthday card for my hubby, I found an easy-to-do cross stitch packet with a very cute design. I thought to myself, "What the heck, maybe I can try this one!" Travis fell in love with this small gift I gave him on his birthday. And from then on, I became a cross stitcher and a collector. My new goal is to become a designer and I am working on it now... reading the laws and management. Fingers crossed! 

It became my passion! I may not paint or draw but I sure well can stitch. I know I do well because of my patience, good eye sight, love for art, and passion. And I say this skill is one of the special gift God has given me. In two years I was able to give away a handful of framed and unframed cross stitch designs I stitched. And that is a fulfillment. 

Not only did I develop a skill but I found friends too. And that makes my love for art more inspiring. Knowing that there are lots of others who have the same passion as you and more better than you, makes you want to do more and be better.

To my fellow hobbyist, thank you for sharing your passion, advices, comments, and charts! Happy Stitching everyone!!!  

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