Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Travis was happy with my simple surprises inside his lunch box. He called me right away! It was already a Merry Valentine's Day for me... to hear him giggle and sniffle. 

I knew he hasn't bought me anything because we were together all weekend. And he already told me about the jewelry he ordered for me which will be here in a couple of weeks. So I resumed my day just like any other day. When he called and told me he will be working late, all my hopes for cuddling in front of the screen were gone... the only romantic thing left to do for V day.  

After 45 min he just barged in my work room and asked me to check on Kaeleth's mess on his couch. I was so upset that I ran inside his man cave and found those "red and hearty" surprises displayed on his couch... I squealed! And all this time he was just by the doorway, enjoying the scene. My husband carried me and told me those magic words that every woman would want and cry for. It didn't end there. As we sat, I read the card and halfway through I was already crying... and so was he. Such love and happiness that I wouldn't want to trade for on any treasure at all. 

Still blissful with no post-valentine blues.... 

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