Saturday, August 6, 2011

Juggling Balls

I guess I can consider myself an intermediate now on needlecraft especially on cross stitching. Salute! Such an accomplishment. Been three years now since I taught myself to create a design from a cross stitch chart to a needle artwork. Thank you Lord! 

Now I'm juggling four balls. Whew! First ball is being a homemaker; second ball is pursuing my nursing career; third ball is my new local craft business; and fourth ball is finishing my Christmas gift projects. Being unemployed is not boring after all. Ugh! But I do enjoy every bit of it. To make it more fun and memorable Mr. D tags along.

I have mentioned a project on my June blog, One Down, about a gift I am working on. 

First Snow is coming out regally. I am so proud of my hard work. It will take more time because it's 18ct and the colors are scattered. Difficult to keep it neat and clean. I posted this on Cross Stitch Club on Facebook. Thanks to a great mentor and I am now a part of that club. It was fun and inspiring to read their comments and see their works too. I hope I can finish this before the end of August because I still have a lot of projects listed. Aw! 

Promotion and marketing are trying to pull me down. What with an inexperienced trying hard entrepreneur. I'm still learning the ropes. I think I'm tying it too tight! I need a breather. This month I'll find out if I get to have the booths in FW  and OK. Crossing fingers! If not, I always have a plan B... and C. 

I'm concentrating on "back-to-school" seasonal items. My latest item is a fridge magnet.

I chose this design because the colors are lovely and eye-catching. It is a must for every Moms to know the schedule of their kiddos. What with PTA meetings, soccer games.... and after holidays back-to-school days. Making it as a fridge magnet is useful, fab and personal.

It can be personalized using a picture of your apple-of-the-eye. Look at Mr. D. Isn't he  cute?! This is an old picture of my hubby. Don't ask me how old he was here. You can just use a scotch tape to secure the photo. This way it won't ruin the fabric and the cross stitch work itself. I hope you like it! There's two more back-to-school items I'm outlining right now. Next week one item will be ready. 

Last Wednesday, I launched a Facebook page for my biz. It's called ACG Dobbs Craft Plus. It's linked to my Etsy. Just click the name of my page or Etsy so you can check it out. My Etsy shop, Purple Needle Flies, is ready to welcome new customers and friends. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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