Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Fingers!

This week was a blast! I have never been this busy.... never been this fruitful. I am so happy that my fingers can't stop itching. 

I got six (6) custom orders on  cross stitch. Four (4) orders are from one item in my shop, the Fairy Alphabet. While the other two (2) are from another item, mini pillow tag. All orders were fully-paid! Woot! Woot! 

Thanks to my well used time-management and I was able to finish my latest item on time. 

This item is called Cute as a Bug Kid's Journal. It's my last item for the back-to-school season. It can be personalized also by taping a picture of the schooling child. It is pure handmade. I stitched the binding with a wool thread then wrapped the covers with a purple cotton fabric. The cross stitch design was stitched on the fabric. I enjoyed making this because it's really adorable. I love the beads on the bug! This can be used as a journal or a diary by the kiddo. I hope somebody would want to keep it soon. 

Right now, I'm outlining items for boys. I noticed that all my cross stitched items are so girlie. Yay! So now I'm getting ready for new themes. By next week, I'll surprise you with cool, boyish ones. 

I' m going to show  you an order that I have finished for one client. I showed this to her and she love it. I'm glad because it means I don't need to make changes. 

She specifically chose the colors for the fairies' clothes and wings. It was really a challenge for me because I edited the chart. I only have one more name to finish for her. 

Mr. D. is getting busy on the new designs for his newly branded candles. He is so happy because a customer sent two positive feedback on the purchased candles. He said and I quote, " It is gratifying!" 

This would be the last item on his previous theme, Everything Alice. Awhile ago, he was burning a sample candle that he just designed and cooked. Later, I'm sure he would be calling my name to check out the result. I so love my husband! With this, I get to keep my man every night. 

I guessed right! Mr. D wants his wife now. 

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