Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Ordinay Months!

Did I scare you? Nah! It is just a big mouthed pumpkin candle that Mr. D. cooked last night. In fact, I have woken up this morning with that thing lighted on top of my night table staring at me while Mr. D laughed at my reaction. He loves to surprise his wife with mischievous stuff. 

I named it Monster Pumpkin. I love the bright orange color because it brings out the strangeness of the design when lighted. Another high quality gel candle added in our shop for the Halloween season. Just cool!

Oh, yes! I have to remind myself all the time that it's the last day of ordinary months. Yahoo!!! BER months finally started. I so love them because they are the seasons of joy, family, friends, gifts, food, and love. Don't forget traveling and shopping too! Many reasons to swipe your husband's cards and write on your check books. No guilt feeling! 

These are the new collection of Mr. D on "Everything Alice" candles. He told me that he just can't stop making some because he has an abundance of designs in store for the Alice fanatics. I don't blame him because these new ones are incredible! I wish  I could take better shots. The first one is called The Garden. This one looks really creepy. Didn't you notice that there seem to be a man standing in there? Just weird because there is none in the candle. It's only Alice inside the candle. The other candle is called The Fool. This is my favorite because it was intricately made. You can see there are some gold glittery stuff and shining inside the tree trunk. And look at Cheshire's eyes. Creepy and cool! 

So much for my husband's cool and creative gel candles. On to my needlecraft! I'm happy to tell everyone that I have already shipped the custom orders of my very first client. She will be receiving two (2) Fairy Alphabet name plaques. She kept on telling me that she loves them after I sent the pictures of the product. It feels good to make someone happy and excited. I enclosed a freebie for her too. It's a Christmas card, a cross stitched one. I hope she likes it. 

This is a new name plaque I made for Made to Orders. It's called Spaceman and Alien alphabet. It's the boys turn now. I found out that the most common name this year for boys is Jacob. So I made one. Coincidentally, my eldest nephew's name is Jacob. I love the designs and colors. So adorable! 

I'll be prepping to stitch two new orders for Fairy Alphabet now. I hope this sweet grandma will love the outcome of them too. 

I hope to see you in my shop.


  1. I love it! "the BER months"! I've never thought of it that way before!

  2. Thanks Linda! Now you know... I'm glad I taught something. :)


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