Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Progress

Yesterday it rained. I call that nature's progress. The coming of the next season is already knocking. I'm glad. Everything went up because of the overbearing heat around us... and I meant the electric bills. Sigh! Thanks to rain! 

Last week, I launched my on-line shop at Etsy. I call that personal progress.

Shop is called Purple Needle Flies. And this is the banner. It was  designed by my husband. It means my needle can fly and progress anytime and anywhere because I love to try new things using my needle and thread. 

This is my shop's signature. Specially made needlecraft or handmade items are attached with this signature. I love uniqueness so that it will be remembered. Yes, Travis designed this too.

This tiny image is the shop's avatar. I can't upload a large pixel size so Travis made it so small. Ugh! I still love it though. 

It took me two months with the planning and implementation for this new business I jumped into. I never thought that promoting and marketing are more time-consuming. The only teacher I have is my mother. Problem is hers is pure retail, shops, and import and export. So I'm practically learning this by myself. 

My local business is not running mainly on-line. By fall I will be venturing on craft shows and fairs. I already applied for two out-of-town craft shows for November. Crossing-fingers. I am still looking forward for the local craft fairs. If all is well as planned, I will be needing stitchers for the mass production because my hands are tied for my state board review and I planned to work part-time for hospital exposure. Talk about superwoman! Ha! In God's will I will not stop. I already begun. 

I want to show you some of the items I am selling at  the present.

I am so proud of my items. I know it will take time before I will see profit but I'm not in dire need at the moment. I just want to enjoy every bit of the new experience and learn... share. To my readers you can check my shop at this link.... Purple Needle Flies. Just click that link! I will love to hear comments or suggestions. You will be teaching a newbie! 

Before I go back on outlining my 4th project, I would love to show you the flowery progress of my beautiful Purslane.

Even my tropical hibiscus got tired of blooming but this tiny purslane kept on cheering me up outside the kitchen window.... as I go about complaining about the heat and chores. Same goes to the family I have in three different countries. All is well! 

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  1. These items are just lovely! I am a new subscriber and found you via the Etsy Blogger team and hope that you will follow my blog Notably Wonderful as well. You can find me here