Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fruitful Week

I kept on asking myself, "Can I sell?". It was on and on and on. Finally, yesterday I scored big. I can sell. I sold two expensive and recent items at my Etsy shop. Patience paid off. Promotion and marketing are big saviors. I tried a marketing strategy and it worked. 

These are the homemade gel candles that were a hit yesterday. Mr. D couldn't believe it himself because one of the item was only in the market for 8 hours. Then an avid collector bought both straight away. She is such an angel too... no questions asked. For that I am giving away a free gift... something that we know she would love. 

Lesson learned is that you have to know your target. You have to know your customers because you will learn from them and you will be able to sell for sure. It's not about "what you want; what you like; what you prefer". It's about "what they need , want, collect, and love". Focus, focus, focus. 

Another beautiful thing that happened last week was the finished product I made for a little girl who just turned one weeks ago.

Finally, Bella's pillow is ready! Not yet ready to be shipped though because I still have one more project left to finish which is for her big sister. I can finish it this week. 

I used this lovely pillow as a sample for my MADE TO ORDER Personalized Fairy pillows. I posted it on the web and I got a lot of positive feedback. Crossing fingers for an order soon. I would love to see little girls cuddling this cutie. Sigh! If you could only see how Mr. D looks when he asked me if it can be squeezed. Hahaha! I love my husband so much. He is my battered pillow. 

I have a lot of orders lined-up for a consignment. They can be done easily because all I need is my sewing machine. 

Now I have to stay away from my notebook so that I can continue my laundry and ironing. 

Have a nice week days ahead of you!


  1. Congratulation! And those candles are AWESOME!

  2. Thank you Shannon! So sweet of you. If you want to see more of my candles you can visit my shop Purple Needle Flies at Etsy. :)


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