Friday, June 10, 2011

Early Prep!

I have been busy preparing for my intensive review for another career milestone. Whew!!! Pressure!!! I still need more time especially now that I added three more books for my nightmare. Being prepared not only in the mind but also in my body and soul. It is really stressful. When I started feeling toxic, I turn to my crafts and hobbies. I still need to formulate my final study plan this weekend. I decided to pick hours for study and craft for balance.

To be able to accomplish my new projects on time, I planned to make them earlier. I learned my lesson last year. I only finished 60% of my projects for the season. A blast for me! Talking about being late, I am due on mailing baby gifts for the first born of an old high school classmate. I can't wait to share to her the happiness I felt for them. Such gift from God!

This is the one that I am working now. I got lucky on finding the booties at JoAnn's shop. Unfortunately, it was not comfortable. The opening of the booty is so tiny that my fingers get stuck. It took me longer as expected. I still don't know what design to stitch on the bib. I do have the magazine for that already. I need to mail these Monday or else the feet of baby Mac won't fit the cute booties soon. 

Awhile ago I was talking about my early seasonal projects. Proud to tell you that I finished one project already. 

I got the chart of Thanksgiving Turkey Silhouette from Emma of DMC blog. This was a part of the 40% that I didn't make last year. Originally, I wanted to frame it for the Thanksgiving table but I changed my mind. This will do good on the cover of our Thanksgiving photo album. I'm sure I can still find other designs for a turkey or I can just change colors. Why not? 

Amazingly, I only used one color thread on this project. The Pearl Cotton Variation thread is fabulous! Travis even thought that I used lots of colors on it but nope! Just one thread! Hmmm.... Changing colors may not be a bad idea at all for this turkey.

Sigh! I need to go back on my list for seasonal projects for this year. Happy weekend everyone!!! 

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