Friday, June 24, 2011

Er Crafty?

My new and unread magazines are piling up fast. And now I added a new collection, Mollie Makes. It caught my attention while reading Cross Stitcher mag. I am not disappointed. The mag was worth the wait. No wonder it went out-of-stock on it's debut. I am not yet done reading it because I got so engrossed reading my latest issue of The World of Cross Stitching that I totally forgot bedtime. 

I admire those crafters and stitchers I read about. They are so cool! I really want to make stuff by hand and collect stuff of interest. I am into collecting cross stitch books nowadays. It gives me motivation and inspiration to read them and ogle at the designs. I am not a serial starter. To feed my hungry eyes, I fill up my 5 year old mini notebook with wishful projects. Just by jotting them down and assuring myself that I'll make them, it makes me sleep well. Funny thing is after a few weeks, I will keep on adding new projects on the list... then old ones are completely forgotten. The trick worked for me. 

From my last blog One Down!, I stated that I was able to make a seasonal list. I did.... in one sitting. All I did was list down names and projects (not designs). That way I have ample time to choose a specific design for the project. For example, if the project is a journal for a friend, I need a design that will make my friend happy and make the gift sincere. Easy! No hassle for me and ample time to choose. This way I can track my progress too. 

What's bogging me right now though that makes me insomniac is the question... am I crafty enough to be able to make handmade things that can be useful, thrifty, environment-friendly, and nice? Dang!!! 

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