Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twit Pouch

God is so great that blessings kept on pouring... again. Thank you Lord!!! We are all so happy. Still waiting for another good news... My heart wants to explode! 

Because I feel so hyper this week, I turned to my mags again for a new project. After two days, I was able to make this.

After reading my new favorite mag, Mollie Makes, I made a list of "must do" projects. So I started with the easiest one which is the freebie. It was really easy because I love hand sewing. 

The freebies are some materials that I used. It includes 4 pieces of cut-out felts and a button. The first thing I did was to make the templates. I used a parchment paper to trace the template. Cut them out and pasted them on a card paper. Using the templates, I was able to cut the design pieces for the pouch. I changed the colors and didn't follow all the instructions.

I used running stitch to sew the designs together and to secure them on the front of the pouch. It was like cross stitching because my fingers were doing their magic and easing their freedom. I used a cotton thread.

As you can see, I sewed a black button to give the pink bird an eye. It was not in the instruction. I wanted to make it more colorful and cute. Just followed my instinct!  I used a blanket stitch to sew the corners of the felt to create a pouch. On this, I didn't use an ordinary cotton thread; I used a heavy duty thread so that it can hold the stitches well. 

My first handmade craft. So fulfilling! I called this "Twit pouch". This will be a sampler for my next pouch projects.  My husband is so supportive that he made some designs of his own.

I guess this what happens when your adrenaline is at it's peak.

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