Sunday, May 29, 2011

Framed Memorabilia

Finding a present for the man you love and live for is like treasure hunting. It's a challenge! Desperately, I asked Travis again what he wants for our anniversary. And again he answered, "You." So I gave up! Then an idea came into my mind. I told him about it and he agreed instantly. 

Previously I showed you my latest project. Look at the outcome...

Thanks to Thread Heaven and stitching the metallic threads was a bit comforting... not so heavenly but helpful. I'm glad I found some on-line hobby friends who advised me on using this. 

My wedding anniversary project still has some loose ends so I made a hand-stitched button to make it more interesting and unique. I got the chart from CrossStitcher magazine

I also got some free craft buttons from their previous issue. And because of those cute buttons it gave me this idea. 

It was an easy thing to do. It just took me 4 hours. Oh, yes! I have more ideas coming for this simple button. I am planning to purchase more buttons soon. So excited!!!
Now that all my stitched work are ready, I called Travis to give me a hand on using the shadow box. Together we made this.

He glued the souvenir magnet we got from Arkansas (where we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary) and the magic crystal he got from a shop in Arkansas that sells different kinds of stones, gems and rocks. He was carrying that crystal all throughout our trip and even at work when we got back here. It meant a lot to me that he gave it up for us. 

I simply used pins to mount the cross stitch works. 

We hope it will be remembered... especially by our future kids.

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