Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to my Fairy

I'm enjoying my late lunch of reheated baked pork ribs. It's a routine during weekdays - eating alone on lunches or brunches because Mr. D is not home. Might as well enjoy good, instant food. 

Days passed by so fast and the holiday season is in the air. My family in Seychelles are busy with their retail business so Mom kept on traveling in Asia for goods. While I'm busy at home staring and wondering when my "clean-up Fairy godmother" would show up. Sigh! There's a lot to clean and I have to if I want to beat the cold weather who is coming soon. And I still don't have a theme for Christmas. Think, think, think. 

I know talking about domestic lifestyle really sucks sometimes. I kept on reminding that to my husband. Might as well direct you back to my favorite thing in the world. Cross stitching. 

I guess it has been a long time since I touched her. She's my Fairy. I want to give her a name. Maybe I'll name her when I'm done. She inspires me a lot. Because of her I met a lot of cross stitchers worldwide. And some of them are good friends now. So I'm keeping her to remind me of this passion I'm not ready to give up. Thanks to the posts of other stitchers in Facebook and it inspired me to finish her once and for all. I can always make a rotation between her, my items and my RR. 
So what's new with my Etsy shop? 

These are my Red Cheer ornaments. I'm so getting ready for Christmas. I have inserted a lot of Lavender scents inside so it smells so good. I love the red feisty color of the fabric and ribbons. Of course the cross stitch works were stitched well. My favorite is Santa. 
This week, I'm going to start ahead of my RR. It will be my first square. Today, I'll create new items for my shop. 
Happy Weekdays everyone!

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