Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Almost 3 Months!

Because of my craft business which keeps me busy, I consider myself as a working woman. It was affirmed by my hubby. Yes, my shop and/or office is at home but still I earn $$$. I'm so proud of myself. 

My family and friends kept on asking if I'm going back to my second love which is my career in nursing. I said YES! Certainly, I won't give up the 10 years experience of being an RN. I'm just taking it slow right now. Review. Volunteer. Then NCLEX-RN. Thanks to an old friend and Mr. D and they gave me the moral support that I badly need. They are helping me on my decisions and choices. 

You can not always get what you want just by dreaming. You have to be a part of that dream in order for that dream to become a reality. Work it out! 

... And so my craft business is almost 3 months old now. This keeps me busy and focused. Also, I gain more friends and skills. 
You wouldn't believe this but I joined 9 active Facebook cross stitch groups. I noticed it just now. Yay! Anyway, those stitchers make me feel normal and involved. I learned a lot from them too.... about life, family, friends, and other hobbies. They are my community. 

We officially started our Worldwide Round Robin last Oct 1st. 

I'm using Sue Cook's Christmas Cross Stitch Collection book. I got the chart of my borders and project from here. My theme is Spirit of Christmas. I love Sue's designs because they are so colorful, happy and Christmasy. I'm using a hoop because my fabric is huge. It will enable me to stitch only that one big square. My floss are DMC.

This is the first progress of my RR as of October 4th. Aren't they charming? I can finish this next week. I have to so that I can go back to my Fairy. 

Good news! I got a new client for my needlework service. She is nice and knows what she wants. I'm already working on her order. It will be a name plaque for her son. I'm sorry I can't show pictures because I respect my client's privacy. All I can say is that she made better design choices than me. I'm glad we agreed on the current design. It was another challenge for me but I love every bit of it. 
I wanted to show you the latest listing in my Etsy shop. 

Item is called Christmas Teddy gift tags. This trio makes me laugh. They look like little children who wanted their gifts opened ASAP. 

I'm hoping to finish a Halloween item this weekend. I have the lay-out and materials but I need TIME. Maybe I'll get lucky. I'm a night owl who works hard at night after all. 
Have a fruitful weekdays everyone!!! Smile!!!

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