Monday, June 20, 2011

One Down!

Two days ago, I was able to formulate a prep list for my seasonal cross stitch projects. It was an amazing turnout. It means I need to start getting busy again. The list provides me inspiration and motivation. Yesterday, I started this project.

It's called "First Snow". I have chosen this design for my best friend who is a Veterinarian. Yes, she loves cats so much. I will never forget those times in college when we exchange snail mails. She would describe to me the hardship on bringing down a cow just to have good grades; while I will complain to her the smell of sinus secretions during an operation. After all these years we remain friends... even though we are still oceans apart. I am sure she will love this design.
Thanks to Pollyanna Pickering's paintings! I love her wildlife designs. It has full of spirit and warmth. I got the chart from her book, "Mother & Baby Animal Cross Stitch". I am using light blue Aida, 18ct and floss from DMC. The design needs attention in color details so I think this will be a slow progress. I hope not! 

I wanted to show to you the finished bib and booties I stitched for an old classmate's first born.

Nope! The teddy was just a model. It belongs to Travis. Anyway, I shipped the goodies last Friday and I hope the mother will feel the happiness I felt while stitching them. I saw the pictures of her son and he looks so adorable. Like me, she prayed for an angel and then he came. It showed that God listens to those who waits. 

I particularly love Cross Stitch Favourites  mag because every season they come up with a variety of beautiful designs and project ideas. I got the chart of the bib from this mag. I wanted to stitch more but I run out of time. The chart of the booties came from it's Charles Craft package. Convenient.  

I strongly suggest that you make an inventory on your floss or threads and clothes or fabrics because you can really save time and money. I used my stash of floss for these goodies. For my new project I only bought 5 new skeins and new fabric. I saved a lot! 

Wish me luck!!! Happy Stitching everyone!


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