Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Sampler

I love weddings so much! Who doesn't? It's like Christmas... there are gatherings and reunions, cards and gifts, food and booze, etc... Definitely a birth of a union. 

What do you think would I prefer giving to the newly weds? A personalized cross stitch of course. I hope the bride will appreciate my work. 

I started "Love Sampler" cross stitch chart last April 24, 2011. 

I got the chart from the book, "The Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer". I have chosen this pattern because it is personalized and elegant. Look at the sampler closely because I deliberately made some changes when I stitched it. It's not that I don't like the original one. I simply wanted to put some personality on it... a lot more from me. Gee! I am not trying to be an expert... just enjoying what I have done. 

I finished it yesterday, May 15, 2011. Took me three weeks... all weekdays... just to finish it on time. And I did it!

On my previous blog dated April 26th, Old and New , I showed the materials I used. This was my first time to stitch on a linen, and it was one of the best learning experience ever. I will be using it again and again. There is really no harm in trying new things. Compare my work from the original. The angels' dresses have no lazy daisies stitched. I didn't stitch them because I wanted the angels to look simple and humble. Just the way they should be. The borders have no lazy daisies stitched too because I don't want it to look so tacky and messy. 

When you look at the big heart closely, there were some changes inside also. I didn't use french knots. I want the center to look elegant and classy. So I attached some Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads. This was my first time to use beads on my work. It was really fulfilling to see your work gracing in front of you. Stitching the Lazy Daisies was also a new accomplishment for me. Aren't they lovely? 

Finally, I framed my work. But this time I didn't use a stick-on mounting board. I read from some books that the paste or adhesive can ruin your fabric. It will leave some residue and coloring. I wanted my work to last so I am not using it anymore. I learned from a mistake. So I mounted it then taped it. Easy. I added some matte to draw more attention. I hope I succeeded. 

Now, it's time for me to finish my packing for a long trip ahead. 

Happy Stitching friends! 

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