Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old and New

It is my forth time to give away a cross stitch project as a present to people I care about. No qualms about it! The feeling of happiness and contentment is unimaginable whenever I see the fruit of my passion through the eyes of others. It makes me want to do more and more.... 

I made this cross stitch last June 2010 during my stay in my hometown in the Philippines. It took me only a month. It's called "Little Angel". The chart is from DMC Philippines. 

 I did the framing too. It is cheaper, quicker, and more personal. Well, I did a pretty good job and I saved a lot. I chose neutral colors to bring out the beautiful color of her hair. I gave this to the Coleys. They are Travis' great-grand uncle and aunt from Georgia. They are something! I fell in love with them. I am glad that I have decided to give it to them for their grand children. 

It breaks my heart every time I stash away my Fairy cross stitch. It is my special project. I am almost done but still a long way to go. And I still have to get that thread conditioner for the long-awaited metallic threads labor. Sigh! 

Finally, I have chosen a project for the wedding. Thanks to Terrie Lee Steinmeyer. It will be my first time to stitch her design. 

It looks really simple but I am going to use and learn new stitches such as the "lazy daisy". Travis and I knew that this design will be appropriate for the bride and groom. To be remembered, I hope! 

And these are my clothe and threads. I used a linen Lugana 25ct. My first time to use this type of clothe and a 25ct. My, my, my... wish me luck! DMC regular floss are always my threads. I am more comfortable with them as it sticks on my fingers. And the colors are really lovely. No special accessories needed. 

I have started this new project last Sunday, 24th of April.

... And look where I am now...

Passion is my will power! It boosts my adrenaline to the limits. I guess I can finish this earlier than expected. Lucky for me, I have all the weekdays for cross stitching because I have to take a break from my quilting and studying. My fingers are not yet totally healed... but I can still stitch because of itch. 

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