Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the Garden

Last week was my toxic days. I was busy being a homemaker and busy finding a road for my career in nursing. What I learned is that you can never do both. Toxic it was! I learned my lesson. I'm glad Travis dragged me away from the turmoil. So lucky to have him in my life. 

We then ventured to Dallas again for the weekend. And it was refreshing for me. We don't mind being on the road for hours because we get to talk more and we get to help each other. Travis is the driver and I am the guide. Before we travel, I make sure everything is packed "minimally";  "road maps" are available; and motels or hotels are booked and paid. I love traveling light... be it in land, sea or air. Also, map is essential especially on road trips. Thanks to Google for that! I enjoy looking for road signs with Travis as we drive along. Sometimes, we do miss a turn... but it's like making real life decisions. We make mistakes, we argue about it, then we learn from it. There will always be some bumps on the roads. But you will always find your right way. Of course, you need to have a place to stay even for a night or two. Actually, staying in a hotel is really romantic. You have all the time for yourselves. 

I learned about Dallas Arboretum from the March issue of Southern Living magazine. Not only are the flowers flirting with me but the experiences of what the park could offer brought us there. It was a beautiful sunny day. 

One of the flowers that I took notice are the snapdragons. The variety of colors that it offers made it outstanding. I love the pink ones! We took 300 photos of flowers alone but I can't show them all here. Sorry. There were a mixture of scents and colors everywhere. I didn't even mind the heat of the sun. Thanks to sunblocks. The beauty everywhere is exhilarating! 

 I love this Poet's garden. It made me think of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare. Simply passionate and full of love. So English by the way... especially the roses on the walls. 

They also have Fairy Tale Castles for children and "feeling like children". I love the little mermaid castle because of her awesome chair. The little girls around us knew their princesses. So cute! Below is a rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk... not sure if those vines are beans. 

This is a photo of the various "trial flowers" that they have. So glad we were not allergic to pollens. There were lots of flowers. I love to buy them but not for sale. I believe they will have an open house on May.

The park has lots of water fountains but I like the one in the photo best because it has a lone duck swimming around it. Travis and I threw four coins for our wishes. One of my wishes didn't come true apparently. Sigh! 

Travis likes this pond  among all the other attractions the park showcased. He stayed here for 30 min taking pictures of the fish. This is one of his passion and dream project. 

The Texas yellow roses... the flower that I look forward to growing and tending very soon.... I love it's exquisiteness and perfection. Just like my dear Texas!

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