Friday, November 11, 2011

My Fairy and My Dragon

I know it has been a long time since I came on-line. We are still in despair and put everything in God's healing hands. This is the time when our family is asking for a miracle. I can not dwell more on it in my blog because I promised myself not to publish sad stories of my life. All I ask from you dear readers are prayers for my family back in the Philippines. Thank you. God is forgiving. 

Cross stitching is my refuge but I haven't reach my deadlines. It helped me a lot though. I focused my attention back on my Fairy

Finally, I'm done with the wild flowers around her. It was fun stitching with the specialty threads of DMC especially the silk. Thanks to thread heaven. Last night, I started working on her wings. So lovely! I can't wait to show you my progress. 

I remembered telling you about the other RR I joined and this time facilitated. Well, luckily we got another stitcher on board so we can complete 4 squares now on each. It's getting fun.

Above, is the borders for my recent RR. My theme is dragons. I'm getting ready for the water dragon of 2012. Hopefully, I can get this back on January. The pattern for the borders came from Joan Elliott's Crescent Moon Dragon. The book is Bewitching (one of her best books). It just looks perfect for me. The other photo is the progress on my first square. The design is called Chinese Dragon by Lesley Teare from her book, Fantasy Cross Stitch. This book is also worth the keep. Oh, yes, I'm almost done with him. He will be ready for mailing on Monday to another stitcher in Arizona. 

I feel bad for the delay of items being posted on my Etsy shop. Thankfully, Mr. D cooked a new festive candle. 

This new item is called Snowmen. Another gel candle made wonderfully unique and happy. We are accepting orders for customized designs. These snowmen are so adorable! 

I'm all set for a new item which is a unique holiday decoration for any home this season. Stay tuned... 

Have a blessed weekend everyone. 

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