Saturday, July 16, 2011

Busy Biz!

Wow! It has been a long time since I checked on-line. Sorry readers and friends. Travis and I have been very busy... not as a couple but as crafty partners. I can't contain this excitement dwelling on me for two weeks now. I promised to myself not to spill the beans early. What I can do though is to give you guys some hint. I know. Sometimes I just can't keep a secret.... when it's a positive announcement! Don't worry girl friends your secrets are safe with me. 

It's not a hobby anymore. I'm opening  a business of my own. I can't tell you more. Sorry. Don't be like me... be patient! My husband has always been my inspiration on everything I do. His love and support are unlimited. Lucky me! With that said, I want to show you one of his passions. 

What do you see? Uh, uh! This can't be eaten. Which means those colorful stuffs are not gelatin. If your eyes caught the wick, you got it right then. This is a homemade scented candle. Not just an ordinary wax was used. He is more into gels. Sorry can't tell you how he cooked it. Anyway, Travis is so passionate with candles. He doesn't like some of the commercial ones so he is making his own.

Because I love thinking about money (who doesn't?), I always find ways to earn some (got it from my Mom). Some may think I love to spend a lot but nope! When it comes to groceries, I love coupons! When it comes to clothes and shoes, I love SALE and of course my Mom. When it comes to magazines, I love subscriptions. And when it comes to hobbies, I love Amazon and eBay! In fact, now that Travis has a wife like me, his toys are maintained but not added. Believe it or not we both have "no credit" because we depend on debit cards and checks.

Much said.... I convinced my husband to sell his candles. 

We sold this one yesterday at home. His buddy bought it for only $10. A scented geisha! Nice. I am so proud of my crafty hubby. Hey guys! If you want to buy some of his candles, just let me know. Next week, I can give you his new eBay account so that you can see the unique candles he made. 

Enough of candles for now. Let me show you the new finished cross stitch project I did for the sister of Bella. From my previous blog, Fairy Alphabet, I showed you the project for baby Bella. 

This is for Cambria. Just a small design because I'm going to make something with this. Something that a toddler can use. I only have a week left to finish two projects using cross stitch works. Sigh! I used the same book, Cross Stitch Fairies from David & Charles. But I made a lot of changes from the original design. I used some buttons for embellishments and personalized it. Whew! I hope their mother will love these. 

Now off to do some house chores for a change. Have a happy weekdays ahead!

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