Sunday, July 26, 2015

AlDub Fever!

Back home in the Philippines I grew up loving TV because of my family. Every meal time except breakfast, we watch TV while we eat. And yes the dining room is very noisy. We laugh and scream infront of the TV. We love TV so much that we even enjoy watching commercials. I have been wondering why nobody gets indigestion. But there are lots of instances that food is spitted out because of too much laughter or talking while eating. Less etiquette more happiness in the round table. But during those meal times our parents would monologue on parenting and values....especially about school. Those were happy memories thanks to our parents. I pray that my husband and I can instill more happy memories to Lil Terra.

We do not have cable at home because we rarely watch TV. We either surf the internet or read a book. Besides, with Lil tornado around you do not own the remote control. While checking my FB I came upon Eat Bulaga, the longest running noontime TV show in my home country. I checked their videos and got the virus of the latest TV fever. 

Meet the new hot couple on TV. Alden + Yaya Dub = AlDub. 

Filipinos love to laugh and watch TV. Imagine watching a comedy TV show while you eat. Pure happiness and contentment for my countrymen I have watched their videos multiple times. And no I'm not contagious because I'm in America. 

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