Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

Earlier on before my birthday, I have received a divine gift... but it was also taken away from me that same morning. It crushed me but I still thank God for answering my prayers. He has reasons and He knows best for everybody. I have to move on and celebrate life. Thank you Mr. D.

My birthday was not a blast but a blessing. I was pampered by everyone around me especially by my husband. Dinner was great at home when prepared with love and devotion. And of course, shopping makes my world go round! The best part of that day was when hubby asked me, "Are you happy?" I answered in a milisecond, "Yes. Thank you." 

Hmmm. It is Valentines Day after all so let me feel like Ana Scott for one day. Say cheese!!! 

This is my Valentines Day gift to my awesome husband. I hope he will love this just like the first framed heart stitch work I gave him last year. I decided to make it my hearty tradition for him every year. It will be a challenge and a routine that both of us will cherish. 

This is the finished piece of one of my Crazy Challenge projects (day 9 to be exact). It's called Alphabet Sampler by Better Homes and Gardens. I call it Heart ABC. The pattern is a freebie from the website. I re-started this last Feb 10 and finished it today, Feb 14. I made my own colour conversion to personalize it. The fabric is 28ct evenweave from Dove Stitch, hand painted purplish colour. 

I framed it myself. I bought a black 12x12 wall frame, alphabet sticker, black foam board and mat from Hobby Lobby. The colonial green mat was cut there too. I designed the mat this way so that my needlework would send some message to hubby... it reads (which I hope he will know), "AGD loves Travis". I do hope though that the stickers on the mat won't look so elementary. Well, this is actually my first attempt to do things on a mat to put colours and send messages to a stitched work. 

Yay! Honestly, my plan was to use the lacing technique on framing as you can see my piece is quite small so it wouldn't be possible. I then used some double-sided tape on the foam board. It worked! I was so gentle. And it was no-sweat! 

Time to spread some love everyone! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!! 


  1. Thank you Kelly! Yes, he loves it and he hanged it inside his work room so that his friends can admire it as well. :)